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Hi all, I am new to this site and new to nursing - hopefully! I am applying to the LPN program at GL Tech evening division. Is anyone else here going or has gone to that program? I am taking the... Read More

  1. by   Jmarie24
    ok i just called - and left a message so hopefully he will contact me early so i know if I have to go to my old high school tomorrow...hopefully not it is really far away!!! eeeks we shall see...on the poisitive I spoke very eloquently on the phone hahaha so at least he knows I can communicate clearly hahahahaa yes I was worrying how my message would sound! I am that paranoid..its ok
  2. by   sawyer12 all my letters, birth cert copy, license copy and my high school transcript.....I dont know where my diploma is so the transcript should be enough. I am still waiting for my college transcript to see if I should include it - I took a lot of classes that I "dropped" out of unofficially so they are "F"s instead of withdrawns. So if it looks too bad I am not gonna include it. Tomorrow I will do my letter and resume and then wait with baited breath until tues!!

    I know what you mean about speaking eloquently - of course when i called to leave my message I was al Umm ahhh. Then when he called me back on my cell the call got dropped in the middle of our pphonecall!!!! I was praying please call back. Then I swear I didnt say anything except ok, yes, ok yes. I was a bumbling idiot. Hopefully I do better face to face. Make sure you let us know how it went after your interview.
  3. by   Jmarie24
    man...working on essay..well trying to....gosh ..why am I posting? I dont know... can anyone offer any advice or anything??

    So ya the transcript I got from high school was not official...great....ya so I called thinking ill pick it up today but nooo she said 24 -48 hours and I am working til monday ( which is the day of the interview) college I can get within 15 minutes a tiny high school takes 2 days?? does not make sense.... I am will be the weekend so I of course will not be able to pick it up until RIGHT BEFORE and that is if it is has to be ..ill cry on phone so help me!!! Gosh I wonder how many spots are available for day and for night courses? Yes so much to do...time is nearing and the nausea is creeping in...
  4. by   Jmarie24
    Oh Sawyer you dont need diploma I called-- am I repeating myself? sorry if I am...just transcript...I too have a lot of F's for 1 course Algebra 2....not wothdrawals and completely killed my GPA and just looks was one teacher who taught it and I tried and tried again but never passed.... I don't know I am thinking should I just show recent..oh no I cant that is A&P2..i would have had to take A&P1...oh nevermind...ya sorry thinking/typing out loud....oh and I read your post going oh nooooooo I am soo sorry that happened about call dropping...I would have died! I am sure he is used to everything at least you are very pleasant..he has been doing this a long time and I am sure has spoke to some people that do not have any phone manners whatsoever so I wouldnt worry about it... ok so I still only have like half my stuff here..and thanks for saying copy of drivers license..I didnt even think about THANK YOU!!
  5. by   kekecruiser

    I remember being so stressed trying to get all of that stuff together also. One thing I did was to send them the references and intent letter before I met with them so that they had time to read it. I don't know if it really matters but it made me feel better knowing that he knew my intentions before I walked in. Prisi- Did he read your letter and recommendations in front of you? For me he just went thru his check list and told me everything about the program including what classes will be taken during the different semesters, cost and he stressed how difficult the program was. He never read anything in front of me.

    I don't know.....I'm just trying to find a way for all of you to get in.

    Stay positive, I know a previous student who interviewed in June, was told to go take some college courses and come back next year and then was called in July because a spot opened up. She had no college courses or medical experience and is now a working LPN.

    I enjoy this thread and I can't wait until we ALL can talk about another subject.....being accepted, getting our books and scrubs etc....

    On another note........can you believe Michael Jackson! What a shock. I am totally dating myself but I can remember watching that Thriller video over and over again.
  6. by   Jmarie24
    ok didnt want to mention it but ya....It is just soo sad....Its all over the news..just a shock...he was a troubled man...imagine being the EMT that responded? aww man and to not be able to help?? anyways....

    YA! I cannot wait for us to be rejoicing and being excited about orientation and our 1st day!!!! I appreciate all the info keke everything you can say helps!!!!!

    I am writing out my resume and just realized how unaccomplished I am...LOL aww man But like you said even without experiencce it CAN happen so ..honestly that is what is keeping me positive and hopeful! So back to this resume....ughhhhhh hahha
  7. by   Jmarie24
    but then again of course my mind always goes to..well ya they may not have medical experience but their test scores must have been excellent....mine however passing not so wonderful.....i going nuts!!! Is it over with yet? lol
  8. by   Jmarie24
    AAAAnnnndddd...I am weary about the fact that payment is due 2 days after my interview 1 day after sawyers so...i feel even if they like you no matter what you are put on a waiting list...i dont know...not to get anyones nerves up..tho I am sure I do a great job on that i cant help but wonder... ok NOW i feel all that is nagging at me is out and NOW I can concentrate on this dang resume....its been way too
  9. by   sawyer12
    JMarie.......breathe and relax (that is what I am telling myself too):wink2: You will have your stuff in time and just in case bring the unofficial hs transcript and just tell him that the hs was ******* you around and being too slow - but please find a more eloquent way to tell him!

    Keke - I am dying to change the subject too so hopefully by next week there will be a different thread with a different title that says something positive! I didnt want to mail my stuff in early because I was paranoid that it would get lost in the shuffle - On the day of the NET when I went to give my name - they didnt have it so I was sweating bullets until the woman found my app and said she forgot to put my name on the list!!

    I am shocked about Michael J too - Keke I remember watching the video too - didnt MTV announce in plenty of time so we could all gather around the TV to watch it - was it on after school or at nite? I feel like I remember that I was psyched to get home from school to watch it - what year was that? Was it before VCRs were popular (oh god now I sound geriactirc!!)

    Have a good weekend guys and Jmarie - post if you are feeling overwhelmend - it seems to help when reading this thread.
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  10. by   Jmarie24
    man my personal statement is 258 words long and i do not know how to make it 200 without making it less if that makes sense..I am sooo tired..I receive my 3 letters resume just needs to be typed up and I am good for tomorrow...
  11. by   sawyer12
    JMarie - GOOD LUCK tomorrow and let me know how it goes!!!
  12. by   Jmarie24
    thanks Sawyer! I will let you know everything and hopefully that can be of some help to you!
  13. by   sawyer12
    OK....I've got all my stuff together and JMarie - my statement is way more than 200 words! Now I feel sick to my stomach and I know the feeling wont pass until I know one way or the other. I am taking all of tomorrow off because I dont think I will be able to function at work!

    JMarie....cant wait to hear your experience - I was sending positive vibes your way.