For those of you with kids/night shift

  1. What do you do with your children if you work the midnight shift. My husband will also be getting his RN however his employer already told him they will retain him if possible for nurse consultant work (mon-fri 9/5) and I think that would be a great fit for him......but I plan on doing pediatric hospital nursing (I currently work at a children's hospital in FL) and am moving back home (Go Patriots tomorrow night!!!) after we get our RNs. Do you have any thoughts, are there any hospital funded daycares that operate 24 hours?
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  3. by   cardsRN
    if you find any good quality reliable affordable daycares open late hours, let me know- HAHA! i just suck it up and stay up with my son. i usually work fri/sat/sun nights so it's really only an issue fri and mon. decent. we do what we have to, huh?
  4. by   MuddaMia
    Wont your husband be at home at night?
  5. by   vamedic4
    There are daycares that are open late I'm sure but 24 hour ones are hard to come by. I work nights (for 12+ years FT) and I found a method that works for me. I don't do 3 in a row..or even two in a row anymore. Sunday, Tuesday Friday...that way when I come home in the AM I don't HAVE to go straight to bed.

    BTW I also work peds...and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Had enough of adults in the field.

    about to watch CSI with the wife.
  6. by   NRSNFL
    You'd hope so, but he will also be an RN and possibly will work hospital ideally he will have a 9-5 but you know how ideally works out right?
  7. by   MuddaMia
    You know, there are alot of grandma types in my neighborhood that take in kids to supplement their pensions. I never took my girls to them b/c I thought they were a little too active for them..but I know they do keep kids overnight. I would feel good about having my kids sleeping in a home with a caring mom or grandma type over a daycare center. I bet if you could find a "granny nanny".
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    You know..if we both get out of here and over to there (LOL). Your sweet girl can have a PJ party with my kids while we go to work-- Heehee