ekg and phlebotomy tech

  1. I am 48 years old and the last 6 years I have been taking care of my mother who had asthma and COPD. I was like a nurse to her making sure she took her medication, her inhalers, did breathing exercises with her and knew when she needed to go to the hospital when her breathing was not good. I also did the housework, errands, house budget, and paid the bills. My mother died this past August.

    After my mother died I wanted to go back to work but had alot of negative responses from my father who mostly said I was too old to go back to work. I used to do dental claims processing for blue cross and blue shield but I see that kind of jobs are becoming obsolete. I liked taking care of my mom and thought I would get into medical assiting or become an ekg/phlebotomy tech. Am I too old to start either of these careers. Does anyone know how the salary is? Thank-you for any input you can put on this.

    I live in Lynn,MA and I don't have a car.

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    No you are not too old for any career and I include nursing in this
  4. by   DisneybearRN
    Firstly, I am so sorry for your loss. Your Mom was so lucky to have such a caring daughter! It takes a special person to take care of the ill and not all family members are always up to it. You are not too old to do whatever interests you and the healthcare system would benefit so much from your caring attitude and ability to perform. Hey I just became a nurse at 47! It is not too late!
  5. by   SnowShoeRN
    You're never too old! My favorite new-grad in the program with me at my first nursing job was in her late 50's.

    AND when I was getting my BA, we had a student in her 70's return to the school to finish her degree.
  6. by   fem
    Well, if you think you are too old to do something... you are.
    If you think you are not too old to do something .... you aren't

    Just do it! You will be glad you did!
    No, I do not think you are too old. And don't listen to those
    who say otherwise.

    I'm in agreement with those who notice your caring
    nature to take care of your mother. Caring people
    are not a dime a dozen. So count yourself as a wonderful

    Just my .02 cents.