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  1. Hello there, I am actually from NJ but my fiance is applying to law schools in Boston for Fall 2006 and also I plan on starting nursing school in Fall of 2006.

    Can anyone give me some ideas of good nursing programs in the area who do not have extremely long waitlists? I already have a BA in Psychology. ADN or BS programs are ok, I just need a starting point of which schools to research and apply to. You can just list a few names so I know where to start. I know the large schools in Boston like Boston U and Boston College but don't know about some of the smaller schools that might have nursing programs.
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  3. by   Boston-RN
    northeastern university has a good accelerated program and Curry college has a good advanced BSN if you already have a Bachlors...

    Good luck in your search
  4. by   jells1026
    Hi Cheryl,
    I'm from Boston and I've been looking at schools in the area as well. Here's the lowdown........Mass General Hospital has an institute for health professions which offers direct-entry programs for non-nursing bach students...BC, Simmons, Regis and Northesastern all have similar programs. Curry College has a 2nd Bach program and I think its Mass School of Pharmacy just started a program this year. UMASS Medical School in Worcester and UNH also have direct-entry programs, both shools are about an hour drive from Boston. Also UMASS Boston and Salem State College have well recognized traditional undergrad nursing programs.

    For an ASN try Lawrence Memorial School of Nursing and Bunker Hill Community College.

    Good Luck!