BIDMC RN interview tips 2012

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    I have an interview at BIDMC on the Medical Unit ( 1 year and 50 applications later!!) . Has anyone recently interviewed at BIDMC in MA, if so could you describe the interview process as well as orientation you have received. I have seen some postings from four years ago which likely the interview process would have changed. Any tips would be well appreciated! I am really looking forward to this interview and dont want to mess it up :spin:! Thank you in advance for your replies

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  3. by   yp1624
    Just out of curiosity do you have previous experience as an rn?? And i did have an interview with them more than once and infortunately didnt get it, for one of them the clinical educator thought i was a cna there but i wasnt so i learned to not take it too personally when they didnt choose me. but they were all diff and typical questions why this floor, bidmc and they ask some situational question, good luck stay positive!!!
  4. by   Proverbs 16:3
    The NM has 5 standard questions she absoolutely has to ask you and they're all situational. Otherwise, the rest are questions she thinks of and wants to know about you. The recruiter also has 2 questions she has to asks, in addition to a few petty ones. The rest are general info questions they want to know based on your resume.

    I think their inteview process is quite easy or at least easier than I'd expected. I know this thread is old but I'm posting for those who're wondering what it's like. It was hard for me to find this info when I came here looking.
    Good luck
  5. by   PassionateRN2011
    Thank you so much for that information! That was precisely how the interview went! Unfortunately I didn't get the job.