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  1. Can anyone who works at BIDMC explain the shift differentials? I know the base pay is around $26.00. What can you expect as a new nurse if you work the night shift?
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  3. by   gerry79
    I start work at BI soon and was confused about the pay also. As a new grad the rate that I will start at is $25.75/hr. They dont have the conventional shift diff system they have a system called PPC. My PPC is $2.25/hr which I get no matter what shift I work so basically I will make $28/hr. PPC is reviewed quartly I was told and is adjusted according to what shift you work. Meaning it can go up or down. One of the nurses on my floor works perm nights and her PPC is $4.25, if she started working more days than nights her PPC would go down. Its a confusing system but management states its better that the shift diff system because the employee is getting a "diff" no mater what shift they work. Hope this helps.
  4. by   quinnila
    thanks for the info. Do you know how much it is if you work q weekend?
  5. by   gerry79
    I dont know, but I will ask one of the nurses today while at work.
  6. by   DolphinRN84
    New nurse here working at BIDMC! When I got hired, the base rate was 24.75 an hour (was hired this past November). By the end of December it looked like they increased the new grad rate to 25.75 an hour. During orientation, my PPC was 1.11 in addition to the base rate, so right now I'm making 26.86 an hour. I'm off orientation now..though I'm confused when my PPC will change (I'm day/night rotation).
  7. by   gerry79
    Hi Lena,

    I start 5 march (take the boards 17 Feb), why is my PPC higher than yours? Will yours increase after orientation? I am a bit confused.
  8. by   DolphinRN84
    Quote from gerry79
    Hi Lena,

    I start 5 march (take the boards 17 Feb), why is my PPC higher than yours? Will yours increase after orientation? I am a bit confused.
    Hey Gerry,

    Hahaha I have no idea. They told me my starting PPC during orientation would be 1.11. I have no idea whether it will increase or not after orientation (since I just finished orientation last week). Are you day/night rotation?
  9. by   gerry79
    Yes I am. How do you like it thus far? My floor is a very busy one with a high nurse turnover! But I am ready for the challenge!
  10. by   DolphinRN84
    I really like it so far. My floor is busy too...we get a lot of heavy patients on this unit. Lots of people medically complex...and not just with vascular issues either. I still don't get the PPC they really change quarterly?
  11. by   gerry79
    Thats is what I was told. A few of the nurses were complaining about it. Even the "seasoned" nurses cant figure out the PPC thing
  12. by   quinnila
    I am hoping to get in there for an interview! A friend works there and is trying to help me. How do you find the parking? I am a little nervous about the offshifts and walking around that area at night. Does that sound stupid? My ideal job would be 3-12's at night. Do they have a formal new grad program in March?
  13. by   DolphinRN84
    Hey quinnila! What unit are you hoping to interview for? I'm working in Farr 11 and no that doesn't sound stupid I don't worry about parking because I take the T in to go to work. I'm a day/night rotation so I have taken the T in to get to both and it's been ok. I think if you were work nights there's free parking. Same if you work weekends I think (day and night). Depending on the unit you applied for, they don't really have a formal set date for new grad programs. Like I started in November, some new grads I know started in Oct (a couple on my floor). Hope you get something! Keep us updated. And the pay is confusing when it comes to that PPC (or Professional Pay Code).
  14. by   quinnila
    Thanks-keep your fingers crossed! I am not sure what floor my friend had in mind. She has been there forever and thought it would be a good floor for a new grad. I think rotations would be tough. I really don't want to do rotation but will take what I get!