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Has anyone gotten their letter from Massasoit? I was hoping they'd go out this week, and the suspense is making me crazy!... Read More

  1. by   PurposebyDesign
    Quincy, it's a 35 to 40 min drive, what about you?
  2. by   dknyb
    I am in it takes me about 50 minutes to get there. Did you look at Quincy College as well?
  3. by   PurposebyDesign
    Umm, dont like Quincy College, too expensive, $50 000 for an ADN.
  4. by   dknyb
    Well..I think you will enjoy MCC. I have had really great professors.
  5. by   PurposebyDesign
    Im happy thatthey have good teachers but wow, you have a long ride, do you go full-time or part-time?
  6. by   dknyb
    I am taking 2 classes now. I have taken 3...but I don't have anything else to take at this point. It's not so me time to relax.
  7. by   PurposebyDesign
    I work 4o hrs so I'm taking both my classes at night

    Micro 5-10pm (lab&lec) WED
    Psyc 101 6;30-9:15pm MON
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  8. by   dknyb
    Wow, you have demanding schedule
  9. by   PurposebyDesign
    I never really thought of my schedule being that busy i just made sure to pair up the hard with easy classes.
    Im also planning on working part- time during nsg school as a nurse tech. Im not certified but I plan to transfer to that position where I work when nursing school starts.
    God willing.
  10. by   dknyb
    That's a great idea.

    It was nice chatting with you. I am heading to bed. Goodnight.

  11. by   PurposebyDesign
    Im gonna continue to write my psyc paper right now, Goodnight
  12. by   jreneex2
    CONGRATS on getting into the program!!!! I have not checked the post in a couple of days, been busy writing four essays for sociology! Imagine, handing out four essays in the last week of classes to be turned in the day of the final?? Well, I just finished-SO I just read the good news!! It took them long enough to let you know! I guess they send the bad news first.LOL. I am interested to find out what happens at my meeting on Monday with the director of admissions regarding their supposed oversight on my science time waiver????
    I just took Human growth and development as a hybrid and It was a great class. It was a lot of writing and reading, but the professor is great. The hybrid is the half online and half in class. I would have honestly rather have been all in class though. If you have her you will be all set. She is the professor that has been making all the calls to admissions on my behalf...
    I have taken Biological princ for summer 1 and A&P 1 for summer 2 session. I heard they are intense given that they are so condensed. I am just concerned that I will not get my A. I think it is a good idea as well that you take only one summer course at a time. I am just going to take mine all over again and apply to BA and ASN programs. Goodness knows I have enough credits! LOL.
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  13. by   dknyb
    I wish you luck with your meeting!! I took A&P I last summer and it was intense...but certainly manageable if you keep up with the daily work.

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