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  1. by   juliewoo
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    Heyy all,

    I decided to apply to Regis Direct Entry Program at the last minute and I'm pretty excited about the program. Since it's rolling admission I am curious to the turn around on applications. I applied online and they said that my application was "sent, received, and confirmed!" but I'm anxious to find out an estimate of when I should hear from them... For those who applied what was the process like after you sent in your application?

    Any input is much appreciated
    The turn-around is fairly quick. I was told to expect a response within 2.5 weeks, and that was just about right. I mailed in my application on January 2nd and received my letter on January 21st.

    Good luck!
  2. by   Jennifer0512
    Did you have to do an interview or anything? In reading other threads it seemed like some people had to or is that for another program? I couldn't really find anything on their site.
  3. by   kobrien629

    My application process at Regis was ridiculously quick. I waited to send in the app in December (because I didn't want early decision, even though they put me in it). I think I mailed the application on a Monday, got a call from the school on Wednesday, had an interview the next Thursday, and the acceptance came on Saturday. So for me it was less than 2 weeks. I was told that Regis interviews all applicants, but I do not know how true that is. I encourage you to apply as soon as possible, schecule and interview, and have any financial aid info/questions ready! GOOD LUCK! =)
  4. by   juliewoo
    Quote from Jennifer0512
    Did you have to do an interview or anything? In reading other threads it seemed like some people had to or is that for another program? I couldn't really find anything on their site.
    Yes, I had an interview back in October and from what I remember I think it's a required part of the application process.
  5. by   Jennifer0512
    Amusingly literally seconds after you guys finished giving me great info on the whole application process I got an email from one of the counselors at Regis who asked to schedule an interview with me.

    I am really impressed so far with the admissions office. I submitted my information on Sunday, the confirmed it on Tuesday, and emailed me for an interview on Wednesday asking to schedule it for sometime next week or the week after. WOW! I am so excited!

    I wish I could do the interview next week, but I'm on spring break and won't be around, but I already emailed the woman back giving her dates the following week I could do. Hopefully I'll have an interview date and time by the end of the week!

    Thanks again!

    Oh and next question then... how were the interviews?! Is it scary or pretty laid back? Any advice?
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  6. by   juliewoo
    The interview wasn't scary at all. It's really just an opportunity for the admissions office to get to know you better. Just relax and I'm sure you'll do fine!
  7. by   Jennifer0512
    My interview is tomorrow! I'm a little nervous, but more excited. I'm doing a phone interview though, since they decided that would be better since I got to school in New York. I'm not a huge fan of phone interviews, but I'm sure it will be fine.

    Maybe I'll even find out later this week or next week if I got in or not!!! That would be great!

    Thanks for all your advice/info!!
  8. by   kobrien629
    Just be yourself. They ask the general why advanced nursing? and why Regis? You'll be fine!

    Let us know how it turns out!
  9. by   Jennifer0512
    I just had my phone interview! I think it went pretty well. I really want to go here, so I'm still a bit nervous, but I also think I'm really excited because it was good. I hate phone interviews cuz they're usually filled with awkward pauses, but there wasn't any at all! It was more like a low key conversation. :spin: I hope I hear soon!!!
  10. by   juliewoo
    Best of luck! I ended up turning down Regis for MGH, but it was a really tough decision. There were a lot of things I really liked about the Regis program, including the flexibility of classes and clinicals. And the campus is very nice - you can't get much fancier than Weston! Keep us posted on your status
  11. by   calalilly
    juliewoo, can I ask what made you choose MGH over Regis? I am having a tough time makeing decisions myself. Thanks!
  12. by   juliewoo
    Calalilly - I sent you a PM in response to your question
  13. by   MissPamela19
    Hi everyone!

    I just signed up here today because I just received my acceptance letter to Regis this evening! I saw that there is little forum on here for people who will be getting in and/or interviewing for the Sept. 2009 class so I figured I would say hi!

    Jennifer0512, I hope you hear soon! I interviewed back in December (2 weeks after I sent in my app) and then got a ''waitlist'' type letter from them mid-February. I emailed them a week ago, and then I got the letter today saying I was in! I hope nothing like this happens with you and you just get right in, lol. Keep us posted!

    Anyone else on here that is starting Sept. 2009??