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Hi, I am new to this forum and I am wondering if anyone has graduated from mcc in lowell the 2 year rn program. Also if anyone is in the middle of the program or applying for it. I am applying for... Read More

  1. by   Erindel RN
    Erin, I think it may be saunders. I believe it had a spiral bound edge and the color was maroon?.... they probably have diff types out there though. I actually didn't catch which version it was. Does it have diff sections throughout the book? Also diff nursing info sections? Id have to look again at b&n, haven't been there in a few weeks.... one of my former coworkers told me yesterday she was accepted to mcc day program so u will see her in may at orientation. She's so excited too!
  2. by   ErinLee14
    Hi Erin, I got it! You were right it is the one spiral bound edges & maroon (Saunders Student Nurse Planner:Version 6) Thanks so much. Both of your references are awesome, the fund. of nurs. made incred. easy & that planner! They both have some of the same info, but its good to have it in a smaller version to carry around. Also has the monthly/weekly & a daily planner, to get organized. A ton of great references that you are def. going to need in clinical. Thats awesome about your former co-worker. Hopefully I will meet some people at the orientation!.. How are things with you?
  3. by   Erindel RN
    Hi erin! I'm glad u found the planner and the book. It will be put to good use! Yea the girl I worked with, her name is leah and she's really nice. I'm doing ok, still searching for a job!! I am getting frustrated tho... how is ur job going? Are u getting comfortable with the atmosphere and the job duties u r responsible for? Is the floor just chemo adult patients or peds as well? I wish I got that job at lahey.. oh well I have to keep looking around. I can't believe its 2010 already, springs around the corner. Do u watch any of the medical shows on tv? I watch mercy, private practice, and anything on discovery health or tlc. I love the trauma shows. Its good to hear from u.... keep in touch
  4. by   ErinLee14
    Thanks-Yes, it will be put to good use
    Im sure, I applied to hospitals for about a year before I got an interview & I used an employee's name as a reference so I am pretty sure that is why I got a call.
    Work is going good, thanks.. SUPER BUSY! Learning a lot though. Yes, I am getting comfortable w. everything, its def a lot to learn.. but I am getting the hang of it.. next week will be my last week training. Yes, it's just adults.. Lahey does not have peds. Don't give up.. keep applying.. Lahey is always posting jobs, escep for nursing assis. .. Yes, I watch discovery health- I love trama-true life in the ER the best.
  5. by   Erindel RN
    I applied to lahey today for a clinic assistant position in peabody and for three other positions lat week! I am sooo in need of a job. I don't want to work outside of the health field cuz I've been working in it for over 3 yrs. Its hard to leave it and go back to regular work. I was at barnes and noble today and I saw the nursing handbook u got. I wanted to buy so many things but I will wait till my time comes...... I'm glad work is going well for u
  6. by   ErinLee14
    I hear you, I hope a job comes through for you! Have you tried sending your resume directly to a nurse manager or the floor your applying too? Or calling and talking to someone personally? hmm just trying to think about things that might help you chances, giving the job market doing anything above and beyound couldnt hurt?.. Goodluck!
  7. by   Erindel RN
    Hi, that's actually some good advice.. I should try to send my resume to a nurse manager. I did think about that a few times before, but I got intimidated because what if I send it to someone who couldn't give a second thought to it. Like maybe they thought I was wasting their time by sending it to them directly instead of hr. I guess it wouldn't help to try tho. I actually had a telephone interview today for a medical assistant job at harvard vanguard. That would be a good position too. I guess I will have to wait and see.... fingers crossed
  8. by   LynneC
    Hi guys... I just barely completed my application and testing in Dec. so I am a lot farther behind... All this talk of micro is stressing me out because nothing in any info I have been given says it is a prereq.... help!! They are accepting my Biology from Umass Lowell for my application, but I am re-taking Intro to Bio in the spring because it was eons ago and it needs to have been in the last 5 years to take A&P... I am also taking Intro to Chem this spring... was planning on A&P this summer.... sorry to sound so clueless... any helpful info is much appreciated...
  9. by   Erindel RN
    Hi lynne, I would suggest taking a p 1&2 and then micro in that order. In the packet of info u download for the nursing program app, there is a sheet explaining what prereqs are needed for this program. Micro is listed on it. I know intro to chem is not required, but it is always good to have that background. Have u taken any of the basic courses yet? A goodbook to get for the math for nurses test is: calculate with confidence, by gray. Are u looking into the day or evening program? I do know that both classes are filled for 2010 already. Goodluck
  10. by   ErinLee14
    Sounds like your application is complete as of Dec? That's good if so, to get on the waitlist & then take your non-nursing class(which Mirco is one of them) while waiting it out. I would call MCC and ask to speak to the NURSING advsior. sometimes the regular advsiors dont know about the Nursing program because there is a seperate advsior for nursing. You dont want to take any classes you dont need(unless you want too ) and you want to make sure you know all the ones you do need which are listed online like ErinDel said but I would call and ask the Nursing advsior about Micro def. ! goodluck!!-- what are you taking this spring?
  11. by   LynM75
    Hey guys,
    I am taking micro this semster the hybrid version. The lab is on Thurs. and I hope I like the Lowell campus, I've taken all my courses at Bedford because it's easier to park and then commute to work. But I have realized in order for me to be more comfortable in Lowell (where the nursing classes are) I should bite the bullet and start at Lowell. I also got another letter from the Nursing Admissions Dept. stating " the fall 2010 classes are full, we will contact you if any changes are made on admission criteria...etc", so no fall 2010 for me. I wasn''t expecting anything from them, so I got kind of excited. Oh well, still three more classes to take anyway... Talk to you soon!
  12. by   Erindel RN
    Hi lynn, I got the same letter too. Did yours say u were a qualified candidate? They mentioned that in mine and I'm not sure if that means I will be accepted in the future or what. It did say 2010 is closed and 2011 will be picked next dec for the evening program. I think the lowell campus is not that bad. Besides the nursing classes are not in the main campus, they r in the health bldg on middle st in lowell. That is where most science classes are held anyways. Well goodluck with micro! Erinlee- hi, I hope things r going well at work for u. Did u say they r gonna train u as an aid on the floor as well? That would be a good idea. Talk to u later....
  13. by   LynM75
    Yes, the original letter stated that I was "a qualified candidate", as did the letter I just received. At least they feel I am quailified... that's a good start.