Any MassBay Night ADN Students/Grads?

  1. hi all,

    I am meeting with MassBay advising next week about starting my pre-reqs, with hopes to apply next June to start the PT ADN night program in Spring 09.

    I was wondering if there are any MassBay RN students/grads on this board, especially ones in the night program? What did you think of the classes? The instructors? I have two little ones (2 & 4 yrs old) and work PT. How demanding was the night schedule/courses? Did you feel well prepared for the NCLEX?

    Thanks so much for any info!!
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  3. by   drmorton2b
    I mapped out a night scheduale utilizing the current MBCC scheduale for when I finish my pre-reqs and get accepted to the RN Program, currently I am shooting for LPN. On my Palm Pilot it looks as if M-T you will be going to school every night.

    Here is how a Nursing Night Course Might look:

    Monday: Clinical, Tuesday, Clinical, Weds: Lab, Thursday: Lecture

    Remember to learn Dimensional Analysis for your Med Math!

    Smart move by getting your prereqs done first. I do know one RN who took everything like it said to on the curriculum sheet (at another college that also offers a weekend RN Program). 5 years latter he still can't sleep because he would be up studying because he also worked full-time.

    Mass Bay does have a high passing rate. Some other people on this board are currently and or have completed the aforementioned program. I however have not yet. Also save that power point they give you at the information session, it clears up alot of BS about program admissions, etc.. Mass Bay isn't to public about these things.
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  4. by   Averykat
    I just graduated from the Evening ADN program at MassBay. Overall I felt it prepared me well for the NCLEX, I passed on the first try and it seems like many others did also. You will want to have all your pre-reqs done before you start if possible, it will really help keep you from feeling overwhelmed. You are in class more nights of the week in the beginning of the program than at the end, it usually is not 4 nights a week.

    There were many people in the program with children who worked full or part time and they did just fine. I don't have children yet but I was working full time and did not have a problem doing well in the program. Be sure to do the assigned reading in addition to studying your notes from class.

    Some instructors were wonderful and inspiring, some were just so-so, but ultimately the responsibility is with the student to put in the effort. Good luck!
  5. by   dtrmnd2sccd
    Thanks so much everyone--this has been very helpful for me! My pre-reqs start next Monday... wish me luck!
  6. by   Kaylesh
    I'm a former MassBay ADN grad. I graduated back in lets see.. took my boards in Feb 92.. so graduated in Dec 91.. I think LOL.. sooo long ago..
    Any how.. MassBay did and hopefully still does have a very high passing rate on the NCLEX... I felt it prepared me ...
    I had already had all prereqs out of the way and only had to take the nursing curriculum.. That made life much easier..
    I worked and went to school as it was the only way i could afford to do it..
    I loved the evening program as it made life much easier to be able to work and go to class..