Any Lawrence Mem./Regis Graduates?

  1. Hi! I'm entering the Lawrence Memorial/Regis College Collaborative ASN program in the fall and I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on this program. I have a BS and decided the part time ASN was the best for me. Can any recent graduates tell me about their job search experience once they graduated. Thanks so much! jmw12
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  3. by   gould
    Hi. It looks like you are already in my school when you read my reply. Just in case some other people are looking for some information about LM/RC, my class has a website.

    Hope it helps.
  4. by   wackyj2000
    Hey! I'm actually considering st lawrence memorial hospital. I was a freshman at URI and graduated with a 3.5 gpa. I decided to leave the school because i didn't like it.. I also finally realized i wanted to do nursing. Im at MCC right now taking A&P 1 over the summer.. then 2. during the fall and sociolgy. I took all of my gen eds.. Which then leaves me to do chem and micro bio. Im confused because I DO want my bachelors in nursing.. I could go to UML in the spring semester and become under health undeclared then work my way into getting into the program.. or i could go to st lawrence memorial , get my associates then my bachelors at Northeastrn. I applied to NU when i decided to leave URI, i got in under a health science major but.. i heard the nursing program there was impossible unless you apply and get in with an associates degree. I don' t know which path to choose. I'm concerned about time. I want to apply now and try to get into the spring program?? Do you have any advice for me, or any helpful tips?
  5. by   Brainyheart
    Hi again, wackyj,

    I posted a reply to you on your other question re: LMRC. I know a lot of other people who applied had a tough time---lots of delays!---getting an answer re: admission. I did not have any problem, but I also know that timing is crucial. So get everything in as soon as you can and call (but don't nag!) if they don't get back to you in a reasonable amount of time. It sounds like your grades have been good...they like strong academics. Also, I'm pretty sure that the RN-BSN program (also MSN, too) at Regis is an automatic admission for LMRC grads, so why not consider doing the ASN first? Also, be prepared with an answer about quitting URI...not that anyone should judge (!), but the LMRC program is very competitive and sometimes I think they're looking for reasons to weed out before folks even get started.

    And by the way, it's LAWRENCE (not "St." Lawrence) Memorial. :chuckle

    Check in w/specific questions and I might be able to help...Good Luck!
  6. by   jessrobyn

    I just graduated in May. It is difficult to get in, so if you are even considering it, get your application in. They do not wait list, and only except 75 students per semester. It was a hard road, but well worth it. I just passed my boards last week and I owe it to them for preparing me so well. Good luck with whatever you choose. I will check in if you have any questions I can help you with.
  7. by   wackyj2000
    hey jessrobyn, im actually starting my clincals at lawrence memorial this fall starting in august, any helpful tips would be great. I just got a job asd a cna at lahey clinica on the cardiac floor so hopefully it will help me out. Thanks again, keep in touch

    - jess:spin: ]
  8. by   melgrek
    Hi WackyJ2000...............Do you mind me asking how you applied to Lahey? I have filled out several applications on line, but never received a call for an interview. Did you apply in person? I would love to work there as a cna. I appreciate whatever advice you can offer............Thank you
  9. by   wackyj2000
    hi melgrek, you have to get on their case about the jobs you applied for. You should go in there and apply yourself because the book that they have at the human resource department is updated with all of the new job posts, keep checking online also.. they change everyday. Wait a week or so after applying, and then ask about the job post you applied for when u call human resources. Theyll usually transfer you to 2 people that are hire the cna's. Anne calcaterra and Diane Charlton are the two who set up interviews with the nurse managers on diff floors. Hope this helps!! :spin:
  10. by   jessrobyn
    That is so great Wackyj,
    Are you in days or evening weekend? I was in the evening weekends, the day program is a little different. I was also a lab aide at the nursing arts lab, where you will be spending a bit of time. I think it is great that you are working at Lahey as a CNA!! That will help you soooo much in 101. I am so excited for you. If you are having any trouble with anything, just let me know and I would be happy to help! I was a medical assistant for 10 yrs before this, but 101 is pretty much all of that. Yay for you!
  11. by   wackyj2000
    Im in the day program. I just got hired at lahey for part time evening.. so thats every other weekend and 2 days a week. Im kind of nervous as to whether ill be able to have a part time job and still go to school. I have done all of my pre-reqs, so im basically just doing my clinicals in the fall, ill graduate in 2 yrs!! Thanks so much for the help, any advice about the whole part time, work thing?? Let me know :spin:
  12. by   jessrobyn

    Yes you can work. I worked 60 hrs per week and could still do it. It is a lot of work though. Take Joan B's test taking skills, She helped me so much. Try to be as organized as possible and you will be fine.

  13. by   wackyj2000
    Thanks Jess!:spin:
  14. by   truffles111
    I applyed to the ASN here...i dd not get in. My pre req grades have all been A's and two B's, however, I received a BA ten years ago, and because I did poorly in school then, they said no.

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