Any Lawrence Mem./Regis Graduates? - page 2

Hi! I'm entering the Lawrence Memorial/Regis College Collaborative ASN program in the fall and I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on this program. I have a BS and decided the part time ASN... Read More

  1. by   IGotIN!
    now i see why i did not get into LMH/Regis RN program -- i assume they held my undergraduate grades against me, even though that was 26 years ago! seems kinda unfair, when my GPA for my nursing prerequisites was a 3.9. i never bothered to reapply to their program because i did not want to come up with 3 new references.
  2. by   GOG1
    well do not feel too bad about LM/RC...a little known fact unless you actually take the time to read the entire hand book, passing the classes comes down to the cumulative final. meaning if you go into the final with a 90, but for some crazy reason do not pass the final with a 78 - you fail the course.
  3. by   truffles111
    the only reason why i knew that was the reason why i didn't get in is because i emailed them and asked. it does seem crazy that they would weigh undergrad so highly??! i know the secons bachelors programs (at least several of them) do not even look at all undergrad. they only look at those prereqs that are for the program. where did you end up going? any advice?