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So i did the registration and paid the fee of $200 online at pearson vue for the NCLEX. And I had to do the state BON registration by mail, as they dont have an online option. I also did that by credit card- for $225. Now when my father in law got his statement(since i used his card) it said they each took $200(mass BON should have taken 225)! I know that mass. BON is $225 and I am pretty sure thats what I put on the paper, actually 100% sure i did so why would they only take 200 out? I really hope that this doesnt delay my registration- the money was in there(its debit). I just called the BON and no one answered- I dont know what to do- I hope it is a reading mistake on my father in laws part, because i really need to take this. I just got a request to set up an interview and i would like to be able to say when my testing date is. This is very frustrating! and i was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if anyone has any advice? How long does it normally take to get a confirmation email?

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You really need to discuss with the BON regarding fees as wrong fee may delay your application


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If you follow the registration stuff from the BORN website, it will give you a number to call and they can check your status. Mass. changed their forms and fee for May 1st. If you had an older form, they would've only deducted $175 and you need to give them info to take out the other $50 AND make sure you have the newer forms sent in. I ran into this problem waiting for my ATT and we found out that all of our accounts were on hold because they updated the forms in mid May and ours were already sent by then so we had to send in the updated forms and the additional fee. Hope that helps.

If you can't find the number, let me know and I will look for it.

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