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Marymount Accelerated BSN 2015

Mccuejl Mccuejl (New) New

Hey! Did anyone apply to Marymount for the 2nd degree program for 2015? I turned in my application last week on March 13th for the first review and I'm not sure what to expect or when we hear back. Any insight? :))

Hi Mccuejl, I applied to Marymount as well! I submitted my application two weeks ago and just received a letter in the mail yesterday (dated March 13) that said "Within the next two weeks, we will notify you if your application is complete or we need additional information". That's where I'm at, so far.

I wonder if anyone else out there got confirmation from Marymount about a complete application?

Hey All,

im currently finishing up AP 2 right now, then I'm going to apply for the second review.

Hey guys,

I sent my application in a while ago and confirmed that they received all my info. They just got my TEAS a day or two before the priority deadline...so hopefully will hear back soon!

Good luck to everyone

Hi NPVS92, just wondering-- how did you confirm that they received all your info? Did you call and speak to the nursing counselor?

Hey talfan,

Yeah..I got a letter in the mail as well saying that they had received certain parts of my transcript, but I called the counselor and she confirmed all of this.

I applied to Marymount last year for the first review and heard back in April! I actually deferred my admission to Fall 2015 so hopefully I will be seeing some of you all!

Hey melone,

Was just wondering if you're in or out of state?

Hey I have applied for the Fall 2015 admission, I am out of state but am considering commuting to Marymount if accepted. I am eager to hear from them and I too received a letter in the mail stating that in 2 weeks they will let me know if my application is complete". I also applied to the University of Maryland CNL program. I don't have much hope for getting into that one but it was worth a try.

Does anyone know when we are supposed to hear anything from Marymount?

@cbeard...if you got everything in by the first review, the projected notification date is April 10. If you're in the second review, the projected notification date is June 26.

Yes the school told me, around the 15th or 16th of April.

I applied last year and deferred my acceptance until the Fall 2015 because they notified me literally 5 weeks before classes started. >_

I also got a letter stating my application is complete. I am so anxious to find out, hopefully next week! Does anyone know if we receive notification through the mail, email, or both? I will also be moving to Arlington if i get accepted so I hope we find out promptly.

They will send a letter and email! Good luck! And where are you from originally?? I hope I'm not the only southerner in my cohort. lol.

I just heard from the school today. They have started the process of evaluation. They didn't have one of my transcripts so I had to have it overnighted but it sounded like they would be done in a week or less.

Quenne, I just moved from San Antonio Texas, I was there for about 5 years for work. I lived in Washington DC for 9 years before that. But I am originally from Idaho.

queene, I am originally from Arlington so if I am excepted I will be moving back to my hometown! However, It is very expensive there everyone be prepared for that. The cost of living is ridiculous.

Also, I spoke with someone in admissions yesterday and they said that the nursing board is behind so decisions will not be out until mid to late April. Just thought I would let everyone know just in case you are as anxious as I am to find out :).

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