work as CNA and RN

  1. can we work as a CNA part-time and an RN fulltime? i've heard that it is illegal, but I'm not sure.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    If you have a license as an RN, why would you want to work as a CNA? There is quite a difference in salary, etc. There is no law against it, but why?
  4. by   Mylife
    bec. im a new nurse and since im still on orientation i don't get the option of overtime with a fourth day of work. and i feel i have too much free time in the week, so i might as well work.
  5. by   mo~lyssa
    I am in Philadelphia, pa. I am working as a CNA, but I have no C. I was hired as a student nurse SNA. Now I am an RN still working as a CNA and everyone tells me I am breaking the law and I should not be working. I have applied to over hundreds of jobs all with rejection letters. Some tell me that if I had my CNA it would be ok for me to continue to work. I am search for hard core facts on the matter, not rumors or typical behavior but actual bylaws and policys. I am not crossing lines at work but understand that my license is on the line if there is a patient emergency and I have insurance on my own to protect me. I finally found a per diem RN position that pays less than my CNA/SNA job during orientation and only a few dollars more than my CNA/SNA job. I called my boss the second I found out I passed my boards, two hours later I got a voice mail saying they would put me back on the schedule. Everyone where I work is aware of my situation. Fellow workers and students I have graduated with working at other places with CNAs and RNs are continuing to work with their RN jobs as well. However I am told everyday by someone new that I should not be working.
    Why do I want to work as a CNA? Because it is critical/ progressive care experience in a hospital and my new RN job is home care. (If you have any comments just remember that I will only be swayed with actual quotes of bylaws with direct urls so I can see them myself.) I am looking for friendly advice that is factually and precise.