UMB prerequisites, help please!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I need a little guidance to see if I still have any prayer of going to UMB. Any helpful tips or anything would be so appreciated.

    I failed my MA180 (Pre-Calculus) class last semester. Incidentally, I'm really depressed and afraid that it could be a deal breaker for me getting in.It really sucks because I've gotten good grades before and even though I failed a 4 credit class, I have a 3.1 GPA which is still above the minimum.

    I guess my question comes down to this: Is it forgivable that I failed this class because it was not the required class I needed (I needed MA110 and Stats)? It was honestly down to poor advising and a teacher that I had trouble understanding.

    I'm now taking MA110 and I'm doing really well (my first quiz I got a 18/15 since there was an extra credit problem and also have been getting EC by correcting mistakes on the bored).
    I expect to raise my GPA to a 3.34 by the end of the semester and hopefully more in my final two semesters before applying.

    Also, I am getting experience as a GNA, which I would hope would give me some benefit in going to UMB.

    Should I retake Pre-calc?? Or should I just work on getting A's in 110 and Stats to make up for it? I heard that even if you retake a class UMB will average both classes grades instead of taking the higher grade, is this true?

    I'm so sad about this... I really want to be a nurse someday. I know I would be great at it.

    Thanks :heartbeat
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  3. by   Student4_life
    Really focus on your 4 sciences. Those are the most imp. classes. Exactly how they view a failed class, req or not, is up in the air. I say take this event and run with it, pull all A's from here on in so that it's on admissions shoulders and not yours (plus you might as well learn how to put in alot of effort when the classes aren't so bad). The GNA is definitely a plus!
  4. by   ucfRN
    I agree, you have a lot of things going for you. But, I would say that you should retake the class and show that you can get an A in it. It would look fantastic, if only you think you could do it. Best of luck.
  5. by   longbow.shelly
    I had some goofy grades from 20 years ago but they were still RIGHT THERE on my transcript when I applied. My GPA when I applied was 3.82 for the college where I graduated from, 3.0 overall on graduation day with the bad 20-year old grades, and for my prereqs for entry were all at a cum 3.83. I was told in the Q&A orientation session that is offered to prospective students that if anyone has any "worrisome" grades, it is an option to write a brief letter detailing the circumstances at the time of that class. Some people may have a bad grade b/c they had a loss in the family, a serious medical illness, or something of the like. As long as you keep your letter more about the responsibility you take, for your part and what you have done since then, what you have learned from that experience, and not color the letter about how everyone else is to blame, it would seem that the selection committee takes these circumstances into account. I wrote a letter about my 20-year old grades and explained what was going on for me at the time, what I have accomplished since then in my personal, work, and academic life, and I was accepted. It is possible! Don't kill the horse before he gets out of the proverbial gate. Don't look back. Keep pushing forward. If you think the class will benefit you, even if they average the grades, then take it over. If you can get an A in it, even with the "average," you can say..."I'm not going to take failure," and that's a sort of character trait that they honestly admire....Then you can include that in your explanation letter when you send that in with your application. (Committment!!!) I know it sounds tough but one way to battle your sentiment of defeat is to take that bull by the horns and conquer it! You will fit right in to nursing school, however, since you already have "worrying to death" down-pat! Everyone in school does the point of no return! Good luck and try to enjoy the process.
  6. by   ambz13
    Thank you all for the encouragement... It really means a lot to me. I am working my BUTT off right now pulling all A's (hopefully I'll keep it up for this last month) and I plan on continuing to pull all A's till I get in. I talked to another math professor the other day and he told me I should challenge the F I received because I had a C on the midterm and should press for a D in the class. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try... Aside from that, I'll probably try to take the class over because just like longbow said "I am not going to take failure".

    I am about to graduate from CNA/GNA school and I am so soo soooooo happy I am going into this field. Yes, it's extremely challenging, but it's well worth it. I have given care to some incredible people during my clinical rotations at the LTC facility and I plan on continuing to visit them or volunteer there.

    The only science class I've taken is bio107, but I'm really good in that class so I'm starting to feel more comfortable with the idea of taking a lot of science.

    Does anyone know if getting an A.A at community college while getting your pre-reqs done improves your chances? That's what I'm working for right now, but it's a pain since I'm taking 75 credits to get all this done.