thinking about moving to Maryland

  1. Hello, I would appreciate any help with the following. We are thinking about moving to Maryland. My husband would work in Columbia and would have to travel to DC often. What are some of the hospitals in that area? And where should we look for a house? (Would love to live by water.) I don't know the area at all and don't know where to start looking. What is a reasonable commute time.( I now live 15 min from work!) Also what do day shift pool nurses with >10 yr exp make?
    Thank you for you help.
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  3. by   Jules A
    Hi and welcome,
    I really like Maryland because depending on where you live and how long you are willing to commute you can work in either DC or Balto. Where are you now? Our real estate prices are pretty hefty especially "near the water" and if you want "on the water" its gonna cost the motherload! Anne Arundel Co is a good one if you want the water and is about 1/2 between DC and Balto. Columbia although not on the water would be another spot I'd suggest looking into for commuting. There are tons of hospitals here so your commute time would kind of be up to you depending on where you want to live and work.

    Our wages are pretty good, imo, especially compared to what I've read posted here but again our housing costs are pretty high. Check out the Baltimore Sun or Washington Post newspapers online for more specifics on jobs and houses. Keep us posted and good luck with whatever you decide. Jules
  4. by   BoonersmomRN
    I have lived In MD all my life. Columbia is nice- but overcrowded and Howard County is on the expensive side. Waterfront? You are taking $$$ and most likely Annapolis unless you are thinking Eastern Shore.

    I live in Baltimore County (Catonsville) and I love it- although even housing prices here are creeping WAY up! I bought my townhouse in 96 for $110K and they sell now for $265K!

    As for hospitals there are SO many between Baltimore and DC. I mean SO many. You wuould have your choice of dozens.

    I can't say I LOVE MD ( I Love western MD and eastern shore) probs where I am are TRAFFIC and OVERCROWDING. It seems every week I see a new housing development going up! It;s like AACK!
  5. by   annarborrn
    I am thinking about taking a travel position at Peninsula Regional Medical Center....