new grad in maryland looking for work

  1. Hi all, I am a new grad in md. and I have found it difficult to find a job. I am constantly being told I need at least 6 months experience. Even LTC's are saying this and agencies are saying 1-2 yrs exp. I would like to find work but also find something I enjoy. I have posted my resume to all of the big job sites. Also I only did cna work while I was in school which was not very long. So I could use any suggestions in finding employment. I live in Annapoils so the local hospital does not hire LPN's. Help in maryland
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  3. by   suebird3
    Post moved to Maryland Forum for more reponses. Good luck!

  4. by   zahryia
    Have you tried hospitals in Baltimore?
  5. by   wigglesgogo
    Yes, and I done so on-line after reading some other posts I am skeptical as to weather or not they actually look at all of the applications they get on-line. I am still waiting to hear from them though. Thanks for the response.
  6. by   Jules A
    I've alwaysbeen a big fan of personally meeting the HR person and dropping off my resume or getting an application. A little face to face beats a phone call, fax or online submission, imo.
  7. by   Migrant_Renal_RN
    Come to Daytona Beach. Learn a new skill. Join a great company. I am a nurse manager for a DaVita clinic here in the Daytona Beach area and we hire nurses and techs without experience and train them. It's worth a thought. Good Luck!
  8. by   **nurse**
    laughing at migrant_renal_rn's post....... you darn davita people never quit, if you were closer to me i'd give you a shot but those other people have all the clinics around me. i have heard good things about davita though.

    you don't have to move to daytona, hun, try looking for dialysis clinics near you......chances are any of them will hire you with no experience and train.

    when i first graduated i went about 4 weeks without an interview then volunteered for the state health dept (who couldn't hire me because i was an adn, not bsn). i was doing strictly clerical work but put it on my resumes and presto, interview, real job, within weeks. long term care, not a dream job, but it was the foot in the door and a springboard to better things. vbmenu_register("postmenu_1815523", true);
  9. by   tde1992
    Only a few hospitals in baltimore staff LPN's (Good Samaritan, St. Joseph, Maryland General, Sinai, Union Memorial). None of the larger teaching hospitals staff LPN's. Also the pay is alot lower in hospitals for LPN's versus a nursing home.
  10. by   Migrant_Renal_RN
    Well, as I say, the only way to find anything is to interested in giving dialysis a try, DaVita Daytona Beach would love to speak with you, or more importantly, see you ttyl
  11. by   Nurse1966
    Check out the Medstar Hospitals, there's several in Maryland. I agree with the poster who said more money in Nursing Homes. When I was an LPN, I was making $18/hr (PRN & no benefits) and knew another LPN who was making $25/hr. Anyhow, Medstar hospitals hire LPN's and I think North Arundel Hospital (it has a new name) in Glen Burnie also hires them. Good luck.
  12. by   wigglesgogo
    Thanks for the info I checked out the DaVita site in Maryland and they all want experience still. I am going to forward my resume anyway just to see if I get a reply.
    As for Medstar I put in a reseume with them as well, They are only hiring for per diem maternity. Just a quick thought do you think it would be better to change my resume to only reflect the healthcare experience vs. total job experience? I have last worked at ARC and now do home care for an individual but this seems to not have helped, my efforts to find a job in nursing. I tslked to some class mates today and a few of them had jobs right after taknig the boards and some are still looking like me.
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  13. by   777RNThatsMe
    Quote from tde1992
    Only a few hospitals in baltimore staff LPN's (Good Samaritan, St. Joseph, Maryland General, Sinai, Union Memorial). None of the larger teaching hospitals staff LPN's. Also the pay is alot lower in hospitals for LPN's versus a nursing home.
    Woa! where you livin' at? Out in the pac nw...nursing homes are WAY way lower in wage than the hospitals..least where I'm at! FIVE bucks under them....per shift. I turned down a job w/one of them just last week b/c of it. That to me is just bunko bunko. I'm the same nurse..same experience...(none! ha!) and deserve the same starting wage in this town regardless of which area I it hospital or long term care..that is just bunk And if everyone stood up for the same you'd have across the board competetive wages.... but I digress to another topic!

    Hey I'm a new grad and I'm having trouble finding an RN job too.... only nights at the hospitals locally. I need days..for many reasons. Anywho..the poor nursing homes are soooo hurting for nurses but they will NOT up their pay. Go figure. No wonder they are hurting. I may just take one of the jobs and keep looking for higher pay in the meantime...have to pay bills ya know....although on what they want to pay in nursing homes...I can BARELY pay my bills what with childcare costs before/after school etc....sigh..I finally am a professional...and "RN" and I'm still barely getting by..what is up w/that?! And I don't have a bunch of extra bills either...just a car payment that..we had to should have seen what I was driving before...

    Anyway....yeah sometimes new grads need to be willing to RELOCATE I think..... I'm considering AZ and CA b/c they need nurses and have lots of new grad opps...problem is....the expense to live...sigh.....

    Who knows... but yes you are right..many want experience. Seems if you get the RIGHT experience (i.e. ER or ICU) you can pretty much WRITE YOUR OWN TICKET. So I've been trying to get into ER/ICU with no luck. I really love PACU...but they don't seem to think that's as desirable insofar as moving places in the nursing world/opening opps. Plus many of THEM want ED/ICU first.....

    They have an ICU job here...days..even....12 H shift which is a problem..nobody to watch the kids for that extra hour (SIGH) but i didn't tell them that....but I've visited the HR TWICE AND called the floor manager in the dept days...and no phone calls back.......'s hard.

    Doesn't make sense b/c I thought there was a shortage!!!! Evidentally only for EXPERIENCED nurses.
  14. by   tde1992
    LPNs in the baltimore/baltimore county/glen burnie area in nursing homes vs hospitals get paid more. For example in anne arundel county i know a LPN who gets paid $22 hr. that is almost equivalent to what i make in a hospital as an RN. In hospitals LPN's get paid like $18 hr. Also University of Maryland Medical center in the MICU are in despirate need of RN's, the hospital doesn't hire LPN's. And we do hire new grads.