Moving to Baltimore..advice

  1. Hi All,

    I will be graduating in May!! I am from New England in my early 20s and will be moving to Baltimore for my job that begins in August. I was wondering what people's opinions are about living in Baltimore? Any specific neighborhoods I should look at? Has any one had good or bad experiences with specific Realtors? Any bits of info would be greatly appreciated! --Thanks!
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    Hi there! Did you get the message I sent you the other day?

    I live in Mount Vernon, which is about a mile north of the Inner Harbor. A lot of people also told me to check out Federal Hill, Fell's Point, and Canton, when I was looking for a place to live. Those are all further downtown, around the harbor. I can't speak for those neighborhoods, but so far I like Mount Vernon. It's very cultural, historic, and artsy, and it's not so much the center of nightlife, like Fell's Point seems to be.

    By the way, where in Connecticut are you from? I went to Fairfield University for my nursing degree. :]
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    Balto. is a great area for young people. Check out this thread:
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    Thank you for the link to the other post!
  6. by   navy2001
    Welcome to Baltimore! I've been living here for most of my life and I agree that Mt. Vernon is a good area. Especially if you can find a decent place near the University of Baltimore. Otherwise, places like Fell's Point, Canton, and Federal Hill tend to be a little pricey.

    Depending on where you are working, you might want to consider living in the Owings Mills area, Catonsville, or White Marsh.
  7. by   runmommy1
    I was wondering how you got a job already? I moved here in June and can't find a job as a new grad! I have been looking for 5 weeks.....I am curious where you found a postion.
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    I am also going to relocate to the Baltimore/Washington DC area. I want to work in Baltimore and my boyfriend will be working in Washington DC. I would prefer to live in Baltimore. Any recommendations where a good location for us would be, considering his commute to Washington DC?