Montgomery/Howard Co. pediatric hospitals

  1. Hi All!

    Can anyone recommend good hospitals, other than designated children's hospitals, that have pediatric floors? I graduate in 12/11 and having been a pediatric med asst for a few years before going back to get my RN, I definitely want to stay in peds.
    As I rotate through my different clinical specialties, I am more and more convinced that peds is for me!

    My kids & I expect to relocate from AZ to MD soon after my graduation. (We will join my husband who is already working in MD.) We are not yet sure we will live. Rockville has been recommended because of the school system but it looks pricey. Columbia/Ellicot City in Howard Co. look like they have decent schools and the homes look newer and more affordable. With the bad traffic situation in MD, I don't want to commute to the well-known peds hospitals (i.e. Children's Nat'l Med Center or John's Hopkins).

    Being a new grad and coming from out of state, I expect that it's going to be tough to get a job so any info will be very much appreciated. Thanks
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  3. by   KimberlyRN89
    Howard County General Hospital has a pediatrics floor, and I think a peds ER too. It's in Columbia, which is not far from Ellicott City.