Montgomery county - Volunteer opportunities?

  1. I may be going to JHU in the Fall, if I get in and moving to Baltimore in July/August. I've been waffling on volunteering some place but then I thought I didn't want to volunteer some place for 4 months but 4 months is better than none?

    If I don't get into JHU, I definitely want to volunteer as I'll be living here longer. I've found a couple places including Shady Grove Adventist and Hebrew Home in Rockville. Although I've volunteered in the past with the elderly, it isn't the area I plan to go into when I go into nursing.

    I don't have any certifications (CNA and such) but I'd like some exposure to patients. A lot of the volunteer opportunities at other places seem to either be clerical (which is fine but not really the best type of volunteer work?) or translation (my spanish is spotty at best).

    I also looked into getting a CNA but beyond it costing $1k to do last time I checked, Montgomery college isn't offering any courses anytime soon for whatever reason.

    I work full time and I'm taking pre-reqs so the volunteer would either need to be weekends or possibly morning/evening.

    Anybody have any ideas?
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  3. by   oldmare
    You could try Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring. I volunteer in the ER there and it's all patient contact, not clerical. I do have a CNA, which I think helped me get in to ER, but if they know you are going to nursing school that may count in your favor.

    Silver Spring is a good hour away from Baltimore, so may not be doable for you
  4. by   callybacon
    I also volunteered at Holy Cross Hospital. I do not have a CNA, but I was given an assignment on a med/surg floor that was all patient contact. Like oldmare said, though, it is a long drive from Baltimore.
  5. by   leenak
    Thanks for the info. I currently live in MC, but would be moving to Baltimore if I get into JHU. I'll definitely keep Holy Cross in mind.