Montgomery College, how long? - page 31

I sent in my application for the fall at Montgomery College today. The deadline is March 1st. Does anyone know about how long I can expect to wait before I get an answer? Thx, Nikki... Read More

  1. by   Lil-Dragon
    Nikki, if you want to start a new thread, I'm for it.
  2. by   Lil-Dragon sells scrubs. They look well made and I like that some of the styles have some shape instead of just a big rectangle.
  3. by   mom23boyz
    I also read that walmart and target (online) sell them. I will start a new thread and post a link here for it.
  4. by   mom23boyz
  5. by   Monster620
    I don't mind if you start a new thread, Nikki. Sorry for the late reply.

    Do you guys want to meet up a few minutes early for Orientation, so we can all sit together? Just an idea.