Mercy medical center

  1. I recently got a job offer at mercy medical center. Can anyone tell me how is it working there? And the nice apt/place to live in. I am in Arizona right now and have no idea about baltimore, MD or the any areas around there..... help please.......
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  3. by   SiennaGreen
    mercy is a beautiful facility. i can't speak to the people there though. baltimore is a great city. you can find just about anything you want here, young families, academics, hipsters, all sorts of ethnicities and cultures. i much prefer it to our neighboring DC, but just my opinion

    as far as housing/geography: what are you looking for? do you have a family? are you single and looking for nightlife? are you buying or renting?
  4. by   BoonersmomRN
    I love Mercy. I have both done clinicals there and had surgery/been a patient. I have a few friends that work there as well and they *love* it.

    The ER is the only place that I did not like. The rooms were very small and bare and I waited forEVER. However, the staff was awesome to me.

    I had surgery ( outpatient) at the Weinberg Center and it was beautiful. My GYN is also based out of Mercy and I *love* her
  5. by   mallarashu
    Thanks you guys. I am single and looking for apt not too far form Mercy. Are there good apts but not very expensive one? How is the traffic in the city? Do I need a car or no? Thanks again
  6. by   Cherish
    Check out White Marsh. That's probably the best closest area there. I use to live in Middle River and went to school at Essex, which is where Mercy is located.
  7. by   SiennaGreen
    gosh, i thought mercy was right downtown. if there is a different mercy, ignore this. white marsh would be way out. if i were a single young person again and working at mercy, i would be looking downtown for apts. rent is pretty average for big east coast cities. you could get a 1 bdrm for $600-1000 depending on how swanky you want your digs to be. get a 2bdrm with a roomate and make friends. go to the baltimore city web page and follow the links to the locally published papers, especially something like city paper, baltimore underground, et cet. you don't need a car at all if you're downtown. it likely would be a bit of a hassle, imo. mass transit isn't the best- but adequate. specifically, look at the fell's point area. you likely won't find anything directly in fell's point b/c of the major renovation happening there- it has driven the prices up. having said that, the crummy housing market is really making it a renter's market and supposedly there are a lot more units to choose from. google search some realtors and ask them about rentals. that's what they're there for. you don't have to use them, but they can invaluable resources re: neighborhoods.

    best of luck to you!
  8. by   BoonersmomRN
    Mercy is downtown. Smack dab downtown.
  9. by   zahryia
    If you're a hipster, Mount Vernon might be a good idea. Midtown is in the process of gentrifying, but it's right above Mount Vernon.

    If you're a quiet type of girl, you might try Parkville. There's absolutely nothing going on in that me, I know. It's a good 25 minutes away on the local streets. The good thing about it is it's minutes from Towson.
  10. by   Liambada
    Wish i had positive info to share, but I have a friend who hates it there. She would leave ASAP but she got some friends on board and would forfeit her bonus if she left.
  11. by   emtmcc
    Just so you know, Mercy is a verrry religious institution. They have prayers over the loudspeakers, religious figurines (saints, etc) all over the place, and crosses in each room. You will have to be pretty comfortable with that atmosphere to fit in at Mercy.

    And one other thing, their signage is an embarrassment: misspellings, grammatical mistakes, etc. abound.
  12. by   SiennaGreen
    are you sure you're talking mercy? i have never heard that about mercy- bon secours maybe..but mercy? go figure.
  13. by   anc33
    Mercy is very close to Mt Vernon like someone else said. You definitely wouldn't need a car (especially since parking is impossible). I remember the guards at Mercy would walk me back to my apt building which was two blocks away. In any case I think MV/Midtown it is a wonderful place to live. In fact, I am getting nostalgic just thinking about it...
  14. by   Agencystaffnurse
    Mercy is a great facility compared to the rest of the downtown facilitites. I have worked in their ER and the ICU.
    There are tons of places to live downtown. In fact, dowtown is probaly one of the safest places to live in Baltimore.