Maryland Hospital Starting Salaries

  1. I have noticed that some other states are naming their hospitals and the starting salaries for each. Let's chime in Maryland!
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  3. by   scarcity21
    yes, bumpinggggggggggggggggg
  4. by   MissBrittanyRN
    Anne Arundel Medical Center $26.50 (new grad)
    Differentials: evening = 9%
    night = 15%
    weekend = 7%
  5. by   dcgrrl
    Any others willing to chime in?????
  6. by   madison2383
    MissBrittanyRN- thanks for the info, I am looking to apple to AAMC in March for their July New Grad Program...Have you interviewed with them before?
  7. by   Agrippa
    How about UMMC for entry level grads?
  8. by   chul_soo
    Here's another *bump*
    everyone's so shy. Is it really that much of a no no to share that information online? I was hoping to find out how much an RN starting salary is in the DC area. How much and how often are raises given? Anyone that work in the ER? ICU? CCU? Thanks for particpating~!
  9. by   1rockstar
    Washington hosp center 25-26....
    George washington uni hosp 27.....
    All without shift differentials hope this helps.......
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  10. by   jmokeefe
    I "heard" $26.50 new grad in Towson area (St. Joes)
  11. by   Jules A
    I think the reason you aren't getting many replies is because it is so specific to new grads. I'd bet HR at the different hospitals would be willing to give out that info if someone wanted to spend the time either emailing or calling them.
  12. by   zahryia
    There's a detailed similiar thread in the New York section that's a sticky. I think it's extremely helpful.

    I believe WHC is $28 (at least it was in 2008)
    Washington Adventist is approximately $26.

    If you're an experienced nurse, it's easier to extrapolate if you know the new grad rate, than vice versa.
  13. by   KatieLynne86
    I interviewed at Hopkins and they somewhat have their nurses on salary. They factor in their 50% day/night rotation, holiday pay, and whatever else you can think of and make it into a rate of 28.11 an hour.

    I accepted a position at Northwest Hospital and the new grade rate is 24.88 with a 4.25 shift differential for nights.
  14. by   Rook
    Sinai $25

    After 7pm $2
    Weekend $1?

    Shore Memorial Hosp (not hiring) Easton


    Eve 10 percent
    Night 15percent
    Weekend 8percent

    Sheppard Pratt

    unsure about diff

    Union (in 09)


    All of MD is pretty much in $23-28 range