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I am a new grad Associate's Degree nurse who was lucky enough to get hired at the Hopkins main campus. I will be starting my new grad residency in May. Is anyone else out there starting with me? ... Read More

  1. by   bg148602
    I will start on April 3rd, I hope to see you there!
    I will be working on Zayed 11 E (Trauma/Orthopedic)
  2. by   bg148602
    Hey Shalbal,

    When do you start?
  3. by   shalbal
    Hey Brian,

    I start on June 5th.

  4. by   deavilaxoxo
    Hey everyone I will be graduating next month. I would also like to work at JHH, can anyone send me the email of a recruiter or tell me the steps you took to get an interview? thank you
  5. by   Erinicoleb08
    You just apply online through the website. You can apply for Nurse Clinician 1 positions. It should say new grads are eligible for the position. And I applied and 3 days later I got an email for interview.
  6. by   Erinicoleb08
    HEY! Hows the residency program going!? I start Aug 28th in the MPCU. Im curious of how the schedules work and how the program is in the beginning. I would love a little insight!!
  7. by   UVA_Nurse

    I'm a UVA BSN student and I would love to apply for the Johns Hopkins NRP peds track. looks like I applied to one RN position today, but it might have been for winter vs. the summer residency cohort, whoops. When exactly did you guys apply for the summer residency positions and can you tell me more about how the interview process went?
  8. by   mermaid_rn
    At Hopkins there are residency cohorts every month, not just summer and winter. They hire new nurses throughout the year. You apply when you're ready to start. For the interview, you first meet with the nurse recruiter, go over general information. Then you meet with the nurse manager for a traditional sit down interview. Then you spend time on the unit shadowing and getting to know your potential coworkers.
  9. by   scrubsnsand
    This is over two years old, but curious as to how you like/liked working at Hopkins! I'm hoping to get an ICU slot when I graduate next May, and I was just wondering if you had any tips for the application or advice for the interview? Bummed that theres a new grad job posting for the CVSICU now (where I want to work when I graduate). Hopefully they'll be hiring this time next year as well haha. Thanks in advance
  10. by   Carolinep11
    Hi I am about to interview for the MPCU and I am curious what you think about it? what is it like? Is it like a step down or a med surg?