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    I've been accepted into the Accelerated BSN Program at Johns Hopkins. I need to put down a $400 deposit by March 1st (end of next week) if I want to keep my slot. If there are any graduates of Johns Hopkins BSN Program on here (either of the accelerated or the traditional option), I would appreciate hearing your impressions (positive and negative) of the program: I need your help-should I take it or not?. I have never been to Maryland and will not have an opportunity to visit the school before March 1. I have been accepted into several other BSN programs.... Feel free to PM me or to post on the public forum. Thank you in advance for your time and input.

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  3. by   Kyriaka

    I am looking at the traditional plan, but will be applying to several places. One thing that I really liked was that they were interested in my community service (not just standardized testing).

    The one thing that is holding me back from JH is that I know people from Baltimore who say it is a very seedy place.

  4. by   kyleelynn76
    I've been accepted to Johns Hopkins, and I'm trying to decide whether or not to attend. I've been accepted into the Traditional BSN - MSN program. I think that I"m going to go to the orientation in April and then I'll decide. The only thing holding me back, really, is that I am nervous of the area. I've heard mixed things about Baltimore.
    Additionally, I've been accepted at Duke University, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Boston College. I really can't decide.
    Any input on Johns Hopkins would be greatly appreciated!
  5. by   calicamper
    Kayleen-I was accepted to Hopkins accelerated program, Penn 2nd degree program, Univ. of Miami 12 month program, Duke, and UNC-CH (14-month BSN program). I have narrowed it down to Duke and UNC-CH and I'm leaning toward UNC-CH. PM me if you want to know what factors influenced me in making my decision. I did PM you a while ago....not sure if you know how to check your PMs?
  6. by   NursePru
    As a local, I may be able to give you some advice. I'm applying to Nursing schools starting this month. I'm not applying to Johns Hopkins, but only because of the cost. The area was not a a huge concern to me. The Nursing school isn't near the best neighborhood, I will say that. However, visiting there I found that they do have a lot of campus security to walk you to your car etc. I'm applying to UMD Baltimore which isn't that far up the road from Hopkins. The neighborhood isn't quite as bad, but it is still a concern. That campus has good security as well. I wouldn't say that right on either of these campuses is the dangerous part, its the neighborhoods right next to the hospitals/schools that are questionable. I went there during the day and felt fine. I think I would mainly worry about being there at night, but if you utilize the security staff then you will stay safe. I know 3 girls that are starting there in the summer and in the fall and they feel fine about the area and are very excited about being a part of an excellent program. Not to mention the large Nursing staff at the hospital that work there everyday/night.

    As far as Housing goes, I didn't check it out, but there are plenty of apartments in near by (safer) neighborhoods in the city and in Baltimore county. I wouldn't let the saftey issue stop you, if it was that bad they wouldn't have any students and I can tell you it is one of the more popular programs in the area. Great rep, great hospital, cost could be better

    Hope this helps, good luck on your decision.
  7. by   sarita279
    Hi all, I was accepted to the JHU accelerated BSN/MSN program. However, now I'm regretting the accelerated portion. Does anyone know if it's possible to de-ccelerate, or to do so even before you start?
    I'm also waiting to see how much money I will need to borrow to go there. I like how I had this sudden awakening at the last minute!
    Thanks for any input...
  8. by   anc33
    Hi, I am currently in the accelerated program at JHU. I know that it is possible to decelerate as one person in the program did after the summer. I am sure that you could arrange this before the program starts and save yourself a hellish first semester.
  9. by   FutureARNP

    I've also been accepted to Johns Hopkins accelerated BSN to MSN program. I was just wondering if there are any current students or graduates who could comment on the program. Also, what did you think of living in Baltimore?