I am horrible with Math should I even try to get into a nursing program? - page 2

I have allways dreamed of getting into a nursing program when my youngest child started school full time. After looking at the pre requisites for nursing programs I fear that it would be a waste of... Read More

  1. by   rayshettabrown
    That's wonderful!!
  2. by   Kadair821
    I was horrible in math, but if you attend a community college, I recommend starting at the very bottom of math classes... I was also afraid to take all the science courses too, but found that I have a different attitude towards school after having kids... I am now in the nursing program, after 15+ years of college. I should have saved the money I borrowed on my undergrad and went straight to community college and gotten my pre-reqs over with a long time ago. good luck! take it slow, and start at the lowest level of math classes offered, and make sure to get a good teacher! they make all the difference! ratemyprofessor.com