Hospitals in Maryland with a strong and friendly community?

  1. Hello everyone, I've recently passed my nclex and I'm in the process of searching for a job. One of the most important aspects for me is working at a hospital that has a friendly staff full of team players.

    I completed clinical rotations at several hospitals in another state before moving to Maryland.

    Some clinical sites were painful because they lacked any sense of community, and others were so fulfilling because the staff cared about their patients as well as each other.

    which hospitals would you'll say has a strong community in Maryland? Specifically the Baltimore area?
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  3. by   hon918
    I'm a new grad too. I think this is really going to vary from unit to unit within every hospital. Even in a hospital that generally has a good sense of community, you can still have units with a not so great culture. That said, I had clinical in a number of Baltimore area hospitals and had the best experiences with the nurses at Mercy, Mt. Washington Pediatric hospital, and Johns Hopkins Bayview. I did not have clinical at GBMC, but did interview there, and felt like they had a strong sense of community and were really supportive of their nurses. I suggest taking share time if offered after job interviews, it gives you a look into the atmosphere of the unit.
  4. by   FRnursemurse
    Thanks for responding.

    I've heard great things about mercy from many people even though they aren't as recognized as John Hopkins or University of Maryland. Mercy hasn't had new grad positions available which is unfortunate. I've seen two available in the last month but they are in specialties I'm not interested in.

    I'll keel checking and congrats on being a new grad as well.
  5. by   hon918
    What specialties are interested in? I feel like I've seen a bunch of new grad postings in the last few weeks.
  6. by   FRnursemurse
    Quote from hon918
    What specialties are interested in? I feel like I've seen a bunch of new grad postings in the last few weeks.
    I'm interested in oncology, med surg, and pediatrics.

    I've been applying and I have interviews coming up.

    I've seen a lot of cardiac and psych positions for new grads. I didn't enjoy the cardiac unit, and even though I love psych I would prefer my first year to be on a med surg/oncology unit just to get a broad range of experience, and honestly I thoroughly enjoy med surg even though it has a bad reputation.
  7. by   johsonmichelle
    Until you work in the hospital its going to be hard to tell. Now some places are awful that you can tell right off the bat that they are not good. There are so many factors that come in play, like is your personality going to mesh well with the general staff on the unit? Real world nursing is different from school. Even clinical only gives you a glimpse.