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  1. I hold a Bachelor's degree in English/Secondary Ed. I've decided to apply to the nursing program at Harford Community College. I already have the bulk of the prerequisites and I'm now interested in the evening/weekend RN program. I read on their website that this takes 15 months to complete once in the program. Has anyone finished this program in that length of time? If so, how was it? That's the same length of time for some LPN programs.
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    Moved to Maryland State Nursing Programs for more response.
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    I myself am starting the fall traditional program at HCC but a very good friend graduated from the very first WEA program there. It is very quick paced and even more intense then the traditional program. She started in May of 2010 and graduated August 2011. Basically those who were in that class had even less of a life then the nursing students in the other programs. If it is something you want go for it but the WEA program gets the most applicants.
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    Hi Canda,

    I graduated from the inaugural WEA (as we call it--weekend/evening program) this past fall. I can answer any questions that you may have.... Basically from May of the start to August of the following year, you have no break. (Less than a week btw semesters...they're extended for the nursing program).... You get the winter break (3 weeks or so) but you will be working on all the thing you didn't do the prior 8 months of your life and doing a project for a class that has not yet started (lol, i know...they own you). However, I can not speak more highly of the WEA director who will be the mother hen (you will hate her at times but she will be the best thing for your education and she is always right; in hindsight ;-) ) The program is incredibly competitive to get into but I couldn't recommend WEA more highly (because Renee is basically the best there is...and you will not escape her for the entire program!) HEHE. Anyway, I'm rambling but would suggest you go to an info session, have a 4.0 or close to it (I had 1 B)...and be willing to sacrifice a lot to complete the program. However, you won't get a better challenge than it will demand of you and I can say it is absolutely worth it. PM with any questions and I will help in anyway possible.
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    Hi, I know you have posted this a while ago but hopefully you can still answer some of my questions.
    I just took the TEAS exam a couple of days ago and I was wondering how long they will take from that point to send you a letter either for acceptance or denial.
    Was also wondering what the least point someone can have to be eligible to apply for the program as well.
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    so i talked to someone there re all of this. if you look at the application it says 6-8 weeks from when the deadline closes.. so mid april.

    In addition, apparently it varies from year to year regarding the point acceptance -- typically if you score a 20 on their rubric you apparently stand a pretty good chance of getting in at least to the WEA program.. and thats the only program i asked about since thats the one i was interested in.