Fall/Summer Entry 2013 Accelerated BSN Johns Hopkins Regular Decision

  1. Did anyone hear back yet? i heard back from Duquesne Univ yesterday but i would REALLY love to stay in-state(not like ther's in-state tuition) & how are you planning to pay. I applied for the Merit Scholarship too. Did anyone else apply?
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  3. by   CareQueen
    I was accepted as an Early Decision applicant, so I'm unsure if the RD-ers have heard back yet. I'm super excited to start, and my brain is on overload trying to figure out how to pay for this. I received an Early Decision Fin Aid estimate a few weeks ago and total cost of the program for 2013-2014 will be about $107k...EEEEK!..

    I'll be applying for the federal government's Nurse Corps scholarship as well as applying for Hopkins' Fuld Fellowship for Patient Care Quality and Safety. I've also found tons of other scholarship opportunities and am currently in the process of sifting through those. The financial portion of it is very nerve-racking for me because I'll be paying for this degree on my own! My mom helped with my first Bachelors of course, but this will simply be too much for her. I'm not married either, so there's no support there. But I don't care what I have to do, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I WILL find the money to pay for this.

    In any case, best of luck for a favorable admissions decision!
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  4. by   oye757928
    $107k!!!!!!!! was thinking around 70K...even with the 70K i still have headaches....I'm graduating in May and luckily I have no student loans but 107k is TOOOO much! i better start researching scholarships. I know some hospitals offer scholarships in exchange for committment to work for about 2 years but the scholarship is usually around 3k-5k per semester...Hopefully we RDs hear something back by next week...
  5. by   CareQueen
    Yeah, crazy right?..but keep in mind they gave an estimate for the total prog, not just tuition. Tuition itself was estimated to be about $68K..but with everything else included it comes to about $107K. The good thing is that I'll be able to cut about 25K of this immediately. I won't need housing( I'm planning to stay with family), or travel/transportation (b/c it's only a two hour drive to my home city) or health insurance (b/c I'll still be on my mother's policy).

    Here's the full breakdown that JHU gave me:
    Estimated Cost of Attendance - Accelerated BSN Program-Fall Entry
    Tuition (Fall 2013-Fall 2014)
    Matriculation Fee
    Books and Supplies
    Uniforms & Equipment
    Personal Expenses
    Medical Insurance
    Health Fee
    Total Estimated Cost
    Insane isn't it??!!...You ARE lucky to have earned your first degree without loans. I took about $25K out on my first degree, which was pennies when I think about the degree's actual $230K pricetag, but still DEBT nonetheless. We'll figure this out though. Good luck!
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  6. by   AlmondB10
    I'm also an RD applicant for the Fall 2013 BSN program. $106,457 is A LOT of money!! I hope the education will justify the cost.
  7. by   ljm9304
    Anyone have gouge on whether or not calls are going out on Friday?
  8. by   RegN2Bin15
    Hey everybody! I got my phone call today, so I'll be at JHU for fall! Best of luck to everyone and hope to see you in class!
  9. by   oye757928
    Wow! Congrats RegN2Bin15
  10. by   oye757928
    Got in for Summer ABSN!
  11. by   Jessicah127
    I was accepted for the Fall ABSN! Got my phone call on Friday and received my letter in the mail yesterday!
  12. by   RegN2Bin15
    Congratulations Jessicah127 and oye757928!!
  13. by   julsm14
    I got a phone call today for summer entry!!!