Does anyone know more information about the John Hopkins Winter Externship program?

  1. I am interested in applying next year to help improve my resume and clinical experience. Any advice on how to get accepted?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Moving to MD forum for more answers.
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    What does that mean?
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    You had originally posted in a more general forum. By moving your post to the MD forum, you will find that posters who live in MD frequent that forum, thus giving you better answers.
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    O ok. Got thanks. Still learning about this site..
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    I am searching for the MD forum... what is it under?
  8. by   Hargrove86
    I have no idea about the program really. I have been looking into externships over the summer and winter breaks as well. I looked at Bayview and UMMC so far. Everything you need to know should be on their website. Looks like at least a 3.0 and have your CNA license. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Let us know if you find anything out. This will be my first semester junior year so I have to wait until next semester to get into something like this since I won't have my CNA license until after this semeser.
  9. by   melissacarey
    Which state do you live in? I am also starting nursing school, and I am taking fundamentals of nursing that would qualify me to be a CNA (in theory). But in CA I am not automatically licensed. I would have to challenge the test through CA public health or take the test through Red Cross. I wished I was CNA certified after my first semester of nursing school. It would make sense..

    Yes, I will let you know if I hear anything else. I really want this externship... I need as much experience I can get.
  10. by   Hargrove86
    I am in Maryland. Good luck to you. That's crazy that in CA you don't get your license after your first semester in the program.
  11. by   melissacarey
    No wonder the internship requires you to be CNA certified. Are you close to JH Hospital? Have you ever tried to call them/ or get a hold of them? That way you can find out the statistics of how many apps they get, how many they accept, etc. Then you would have a ball park where you stand.

    Good luck to you too!
  12. by   Hargrove86
    Yes, I am close to 25 min away. I volunteer for JHU, the Bayview campus. I haven't looked into specifics yet since I am not yet eligible. But I can ask who to contact next time I go in to volunteer. If I get info, I will let you know.
  13. by   melissacarey
    Ok thanks! Much appreciated. Ya and maybe ask how to be a competitive applicant, etc. This info would help to see if I have a chance. I really really want this internship (if you can't tell already). Thanks again!