Current/previous Notre Dame BSN students????

  1. I am currently a pre-nursing student at another university looking to transfer to Notre Dame. I am a sophomore and I kinda screwed around my first year. But this past fall semester I brought my gpa to a 3.12, but my cumulative is still a 2.87. I was wondering if anyone can give me any insight to the process there. Has anyone been accepted with a 2.8?? What are honestly my chances?? The website says transfer students need at least a 2.8 but I don't want to pay the application fees if there isn't a chance of me getting in.
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  3. by   ambitiousBSN
    I just entered my second semester in their program. They require a 3.0 GPA in your Sciences, and a 2.8 cumulative. I had a 3.5 cumulative and the required Science GPA. It all depends how competitive you make yourself, and whether you stand out as a student. Sometimes they require an interview of students; however, I didn't require one. Also, you can only repeat one Science course.
  4. by   cmccauley1
    Heyy! Just like Corrine, I just entered my second semester of nursing school at Notre Dame. My recommendation to you would be to come tour the school and request a meeting with Jenna Hoffman (she is the success and retention specialist at NDMU). She would be able to tell you for sure what you will need to get in your upcoming classes and which classes are going to transfer in properly. But I will tell you, applying won't hurt. But you have to apply to the university first and then to the nursing program. I would contact our admissions office to set up a visit here at Notre Dame and you will talk to the admissions counselor who works with nursing students and you should have the opportunity to meet with Jenna. She is going to give you the most accurate information about your admission here and what exactly you need to do! If you have any more questions definitely direct them to the school! Coming on the visit and meeting with Jenna will definitely give you more of an idea about what you need to do in order to get into Dame and progress into the nursing major! Good luck dear!!!
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    Looking for more info on NDMU BSN program. I read they are new. Any help on pros/cons of school and nursing program. Where are your clinicals?

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