CCBC - N/W Fall 2012 Applicants - page 4

Hello Everyone, I am applying to the CCBC Essex nights and weekends program for the fall of 2012. I am hearing all the stories about those either getting in or rejected for the Spring day... Read More

  1. by   binnyblonde
    OK - I think I might know who you are now too :0)

    Yup..Not the blonde girl directly next to Don but the one next to her all the way to the left

    Even if it's a long shot you don't know unless you try. It can't hurt. I just wonder how many people apply.
  2. by   Djsage13
    Hey, I got my postcard today. Did you get yours? They said it was incomplete because they didn't have my TEAS transcript but I called and they have it. So now it's just waiting.
  3. by   binnyblonde
    I got the same thing today too.

    Mine says the same thing - Incomplete because they don't have my TEAS score.

    It doesn't make sense because I have already called and confirmed that they have my application and my TEAS transcript. I was told there was nothing left for me to do at this point. I'm not sure why I got this card saying it's not complete.

    I guess I'll have to call them Monday.

    Did you get this card saying "incomplete" before you called to confirm or after?
  4. by   Djsage13
    Yea, I called and Lois Simmons had already left but I spoke with a woman who found my TEAS transcript and put it in my file and put it on her desk. Everything else is good to go. So I would just call and they'll do the same thing because I called and confirmed and they did and I still got the incomplete.
  5. by   binnyblonde
    My post card said to call Lois Simmons too. I'll call her first thing Monday. I don't know why one person would tell me they have everything and then I get a card telling me they don't.

    Thanks for the heads up. I didn't even know they sent post cards out until I saw your message on here - so I ran out to the mailbox! LOL!
  6. by   Djsage13
    Yea I have no idea why either. I literally called the week earlier to verify they received my TEAS and they said they had. Then when I called they were like yes we have it right here, I'll put it in your file. Don't freak me out like that!!! LolThat's funny you went running to the mailbox. I hope we get to see our applications soon. That would suck if they stopped that this year and we would literally have to wait till the letter to find out. That would be wrong.
  7. by   binnyblonde
    Everything is all straight. Now the only thing left to do is wait....
  8. by   Djsage13
    Did she say when you would hear or if we would be able to see our application status online?
  9. by   Djsage13
    Do you wanna hear something that sucks? Only some of us can't see out application online. And for us that can't, we never will. We'll just have to wait for the letter to come out. That's torture.
  10. by   binnyblonde
    Really? She told me that she was updating something on Simon today and that we should be able to see the status soon.
  11. by   Djsage13
    Grrrr. She told me that people who can see their application now will see her updates in the next few days but those who cannot will have to wait till the letter comes out. I hope what she told you is correct. Did she say anything else to you?
  12. by   binnyblonde
    No she didn't say anything else but I also didn't tell her I couldn't see the status... She just told me that she was updating them on Simon and that we could see the status soon. So if that's what she told you than it's probably right. I thought since she was updating them and the status would be available that that applied to everyone - so I didn't think to ask her about it. So we may just have to wait until the letters come out.
  13. by   Djsage13
    That sucks. Oh well. Would have been nice to be able to stalk the application status. Lol