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  1. Hello Friends,

    I am sure that many of you might have already applied for the nursing program at CCBC. I just submitted my application for ATB nursing day program for fall 2017 at CCBC Essex. I wish you all the good luck for acceptance into the program. If you are applying at CCBC and wants to stay connected, please comment below. I hope we all get accepted into the program.
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  3. by   woodpixi
    Hi Gtama,

    I am also an applicant for CCBC catonsville days ATB, my first pick is Frosburg and my second is Stevenson. I just submitted my application but I am still waiting for all of my transcripts to arrive. If you dont mind me asking is this your first time applying to ccbc and did you apply anywhere else?
  4. by   Nyrse2b
    Hey I applied to Ccbc day no at, just have my fingers crossed. I have a 3.4 overall and a 3.6 science 73% teas and 74.5 reading. I applied spring 2017 and did not get accepted due to really low teas; how about 59.5% really low plus I was still taking anatomy 2 really hope I get accepted this time go round good luck, have faith.
  5. by   qmonica4421
    Hey I was in the process of applying to CCBC Essex day program for Fall 2017 but I am going to hold off until Fall 2018 now. It was last minute when I decided to hold off on this. My GPA is too low (2.5) due to the C's I got in Ap1 and 2. Although a 2.5 is the minimum a nursing advisor (Ms. Gwen Jones) told me that last year the lowest GPA that they accepted was a 2.8. I also took the TEAS and scored proficient (72%). She said the lowest they've accepted was a 60% but that person also had a really high GPA. She said that I could apply if I'd like to because of overall score on the TEAS but I felt that my GPA wasn't competitive enough compared to other applicants so I will be retaking A&P and aim for an A if not a B will do. She also said that they only look for a score of PROFICIENT and the reading score of 69% or better.
  6. by   woodpixi
    Hi Nyrse2b! I hope you get in too. Your GPA looks great and your TEAS score is fine. This is my first time applying to any programs, im applying to ccbc and howard and I have to go take the Hesi tomorrow . I took the Teas and scored an 80.7% and my current GPA is 3.57 I got B's in everything but Micro and Developmental Psych I got A's. I dont have chemistry done and im a bit nervous because I got a C in psyc 101. Oh also I have a bunch of "W's" on my transcript.
  7. by   Kay1396
    Hi everyone!
    Im applying for Fall 2017 Catonsville day with Towson as my choice for ATB. I have a 3.3 GPA, a 76 overall on the TEAS with an 83 in the reading section. I got a C in anatomy 1, a B in microbiology and I still have to take a&p 2, chemistry and nutrition. I'm hoping to be accepted even though I'm taking those classes in the spring semester.
  8. by   Nyrse2b
    Hey Woodpixi looks like you are going to be really busy the next upcoming months. I wish you the best on your journey this is so nerve wrecking with the waiting period. I did not do ATB just taking baby steps right now, I do have a son, so will eventually get into someones BSN program.
  9. by   Gtama
    Hello Woodpixi,
    Thank you for asking. First of all, good luck to us.
    I applied for Spring 2017 at CCBC Essex but my TEAS reading score did not met their requirement, so I was not accepted. This time, I scored 70.2 in reading, 100 in math, 63.8 in science, and 79.2 in language usage with 77.3 proficient. I hope that I will be accepted. I am also planning to apply at Harford's ATB program but I have not applied it yet.
  10. by   woodpixi
    Wow its commendable to take on as much as you have with a child, nursing school can be very challenging as we all have heard, I hope you get in! I don't have any children but I do have to keep working even while in school unfortunately. The deadline hasn't even passed and I'm already a nervous wreck about getting accepted or not lol!
  11. by   still_waters
    I applied to Essex for n/w (I posted in the other thread also). I applied to Frostburg ATB as well. I submitted my application back in September, so I'm used to the waiting but I'm so ready to find out. I work full time for the time being, but that may change depending on how school progresses.
  12. by   qmonica4421
    Just curious what are the times for evening classes? I know that day time classes begin as early as 8am until maybe 3pm but I'm unsure of evening class times.
  13. by   SQuinlin1
    Hi everyone!
    On Jan 8th I submitted my application for CCBC Essex Fall 2017 day program (not ATB program). I scored a 73% on my Teas with a 85% in the reading section. As far as my grades go I have all A's and B's.
    I have taken Chemistry already because I am in a toss up between the dental hygiene program (chem is required) and nursing! I applied to the DH program last year and was not accepted (I believe it was because I had a C in chem but now I have a B). Hoping to get into both programs this year and be able to take my pick
  14. by   SQuinlin1
    I just received an update on my CAS application! It is now verified and complete.
    My overall GPA was calculated as 3.11 and my science GPA was calculated as 2.81.

    Does anyone know if CCBC will use this calculation? Because this calculation is ALL the classes I have ever taken in college. I am wondering if CCBC will possibly recalculate the GPA for only required courses for the nursing program? For my science I have A&P= B Micro=B which should be a 3.0. But they are using my Bio 110 C which is bringing my science GPA down (this course was required for when I applied to dental hygiene).

    I'm sure they will end up using this calculation because that is my luck lol but this is frustrating they would use all courses!
    Anyone else in this same boat?!
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