Baltimore worth a visit?

  1. I'm getting ready for a five day trip to dc and was wondering if it's worth it to go up to baltimore. I've never been before and all I know about it that's where STC and John's Hopkins are. I've got a friend who said he got bored there and it's not really worth it, but to go to annapolis. Any input?
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  3. by   BoonersmomRN
    I'm 5 minutes from Baltimore and I can't really compare it to Annapolis. It is *my* opinion that Annapolis is more boring. Baltimore is one of those cities that has great parts and bad parts. The Inner Harbor is nice...the Aquarium is there and lots of nice little shops. Little Italy has GREAT Italian food and is absolutely worth a dinner or lunch. Fells Point and Canton also have great little pubs, etc. The best part about it is that you can pretty much reach any area worth spending time in via the water taxis. They run all day until I think 11 at night ( on weekends, not sure about daytime).

    Don't get me wrong Annapolis is a very pretty city on the water with expensive home and nice shopping but there just isn't as much to do...unless of course you know someone with a boat, etc. Then again..the Naval Academy is there and you often see really cute cadets walking around...ha ha ha.
  4. by   PennyLane
    What do you like to do? Fells Point and Canton are great for bars/nightlife. They're both on/near the water. There are some good museums and lots of history. The Inner Harbor is nice, but touristy. We have lots of great restaurants! I agree, Annapolis is alittle boring. It's nice to walk around and look at the architecture and the boats, but there's not much else to do there.