Baltimore/annapolis Hospitals

  1. Help! Im a traveler looking to go to Baltimore or Annapolis. I would appreciate any feedback on hospitals as to which to avoid and which are know. Any information would be appreciated!! Thank you
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  3. by   BoonersmomRN
    There are a LOT of hospitals in Baltimore I can only give you MY opinion as everyones will differ.


    Bon Secours - this place tops my list. Awful. Dirty. Disgusting. No way
    Maryland General
    University Specialty Hospital
    St. Agnes
    Johns Hopkins unless it was a specialty area

    ONES I LIKE- **'s next to the ones I think are the nicest

    GBMC **
    Univ. of Maryland **
    Good Samaritan
    Northwest ( but NOT the ER)
    St. Joseph's **
    Union Memorial
    Franklin Square **

    I, personally, work at GBMC. The only part of the hospital I am not thrilled about is the ER and that's because *I* had a bad experience there. Otherwise it's a gorgeous ER.

    The ones I said NO WAY to I have either done clinical rotations at, been to, or had family members at.

    I can't speak for the Annapolis area, sorry.
  4. by   winnievanurse
    Thanks for the information!!!
  5. by   Rentalnurse
    I live in AR now but go back to visit family in MD yearly, did contract at AAMC (annap hosp) er and they worked ya to death and drained the life out of ya.. did agency at most balt hosp, Northwest er isnt bad, busy suburban hosp, sinai is the sister hosp very lg and busy huge er, Union is inner city and huge liked er there and most worked together well. ST Agnes was the pits, Harbor in Er was good did a lot of shifts there, stay away from ft washington hosp,
  6. by   goldenstarkist
    Hi, I was wondering why you mentioned University Specialty Hospital as one that you don't like. I am thinking about going to the Patient Care tech open house this monday. I'm a nursing student in my last year and would like some clinical experience before graduation. Thanks!
  7. by   idaRN
    Hi! I applied in Harbor Hospital and I'm just wondering if what its like to work in the MedSurg or OB ward. I was told by my agency that I will be assigned in MedSurg or OB ward. Thanks!
  8. by   SurvivorRN
    Harbor Hospital is a wonderful community Hospital...I know friends who worked there..Ull like it
  9. by   Gorillapimp
    Anne arundel medical center was horrible. Really scary for the pts if they only knew. Beautiful building but the care is horrible. It is a 1970's mentality towards nurses. They really kiss the doctors butts their because they want the money, but most of the docs are old and not up to date on the latest in medical advancements . They haven't done much to attract highly skilled nurses from the larger teaching hospitals in the d.c. Baltimore area. Most of the nurses are soccer moms who are just looking for someplace close to home. I worked there 2.5 years as weekend alternative and I finally had to leave. Felt like my license was being put at risk. No nursing leadership either. The chief nursing officer/vice president was useless and morale really suffered because of it. They have some affiliation w/ Hopkins now but never saw much from that.
    Now I work at Balt/wash hospital ctr.. Much better but still has it's flaws. It's an older hospital, but more callaboration w/ nurses in the plan of care. More progressive attitude toward healthcare in general. Younger, more knowledgable staff overall. Pts. Generally receive better care their. Morale much better. Affiliated with u of md. But not just in name. A lot of younger mds w/ more up to date knowledge base. Other places I have liked are union memorial in Baltimore. Top flight. And Franklin square, solid. Not to fond of sianai. And as far as d.c Georgetown is the best.