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I am trying to decide between an Associates degree Nursing program and a accelerated second degree BSN program. My first Bachelors degree will be in social work (graduating in May). What do you all... Read More

  1. by   EvyRL
    I'm applying for Nursing at CNR and Pace, but i've been reading a lot of people saying bad stuff about Pace. I'm nervous! Anyone at Pace now who can tell me if things changed?
  2. by   scutari212
    You might have read the comments posted on allnurses about the accelerated BSN/MSN program at Pace's New York campus, particularly what transpired in fall of 2009. Believe what you read. I was there Pace is a disgrace. Disorganized, arrogant, and merciless administrators. Dismal facilities. The nursing lab was a joke. Equipment that was broken or out of date, or just not there. The Pace University library in New York is below par with any of the CUNY schools When the students approached the Dean to make her aware that nearly 50% of the students were failing two classes, she was incredulous. She had to face the facts when those students were dropped from the program. When 5% of a class is failing then it is likely a deficiency on the part of the student, however something is very wrong with the instructor and his/her teaching when 50% are failing. These students were not slackers, and many of them earned bachelor's degrees from schools far superior to Pace University which ranks a place only in the fringes of the Poison Ivy League.

    It is possible that things have changed since I was at Pace, however it is unlikely as the Chair of the Undergraduate Nursing Dept. remains in place, a bloodless and miserable woman whose research specialty is the healing effect of humor. She shares the bill
    with the same Dean of the Nursing School an administrator who was perpetually absent from view and addressed the students via
    third party emails from her secretary.

    So if this hasn't convinced you to re-think applying to Pace read more of what is on this website. With the cost of nursing school today, and the dearth of jobs for new graduate nurses, I would not rush into a nursing program. You can find far better and less
    heinous places than Pace/ Leinhard to study nursing.