Anyone Applied to Howard Community College for Fall '09

  1. Has anyone heard from Howard Community College for the day or evening/weekend program for Fall '09?
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  3. by   scrub<3
    I applied for Fall '09 but was finishing up AP2 this past spring so I am in their 2nd batch. I called last week cause I hadn't heard anything and was tolled that they were going to be doing the lottery this week and then sending letters out the following week.
  4. by   dcgrrl
    That's similar to what I heard. They told me we'd hear back in July. Good luck.
  5. by   scrub<3
    Could you post when you get your letter please. Good luck to you too.
  6. by   dcgrrl
    Thanks and good luck to you too!
    I have a really strong feeling that I've been waitlisted. I know they only had a few slots left over for the second round and since I'm out of county, I know I won't be considered for those slots . Anyway, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.
  7. by   scrub<3
    I'm out of county too. When I went to the info session they made it pretty clear that if you were in the 2nd batch you were going to be waitlisted. I'm hoping to slip in for the spring semester.
  8. by   dcgrrl
    I got my letter yesterday stating that I was on their waiting list due to HCC having more applicants than seats. I'm not disappointed because this is what I was expecting. I have a waitlist number under 20 so hopefully I stand a good chance of getting in for Fall 2010. I'll just take my other classes in the interim.
  9. by   scrub<3
    You'll probably get in for spring! My number is in the lower 70's..... I'm prob. looking at fall.
  10. by   dcgrrl
    I hope you get in during the Spring as you had planned. I'm shooting for the weekend/evening program and its only offered in the Fall. Are you going to the waitlist meeting they are having for students this month?
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  11. by   scrub<3
    I'll try to I'm not sure.
  12. by   CoffeeGeekRN
    Hang in there HCC has an excellent RN program! I graduated this past May and passed NCLEX on the first try. Actually so far, everyone from my graduating class who has taken NCLEX has passed on the first try. The HCC instructors really prepared us well. The majority of my fellow graduates have jobs now.

    I was an eve/wknd student and was wait-listed for a year, but as I look back now, it was well worth it. While you are waiting, finish up any outstanding prereqs you have. Also, see if you can borrow the nursing fundamentals book and start reading it now. There is a book that HCC recommends called Test Success that you can get in the bookstore. I highly recommend it as it helps you answer the tests questions. Studying nursing is not like studying any other subject. There have been straight A 4.0 students who have failed out of the program.

    Best wishes to you both!
  13. by   dcgrrl
    Congratulations on becoming a nurse Elizabeth C!!!!!
    I'll definitely get those books you recommended. It's a year away before nursing school starts and I'm already nervous!
  14. by   CoffeeGeekRN
    Thanks RNb440!