Any Coppin Students Out There

  1. I just wanted to know if there were any coppin students on this board. I see all the other MD schools except Coppin. If there are what year are u in the program? Did u just get in? Are u happy at Coppin? Just want to know!
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  3. by   jenawade25
    I'm a senior in Coppins nursing school. I won't be graduating untill may 2012 because I failed a class by less than 1 point. Its suppose to be a 3 year program, when I graduate in may 2012 that will make my 5th year. You won't see a lot of posts here from other Coppin students because we are fed up with the program. If nursing credits transferred I would do that.
  4. by   williams3929
    I am sorry to hear that they have made a lot of changes just recently and one of my other classmates that already a sophmore said along with them changing program of class they are now offering class every semester. But as u no things are always said at coppin but I thought I would tell you that to give u a little glimmer of hope. I hope things work out for you.