AAMC vs. Shore Mem

  1. Hi,
    Can anyone give any experiences at either Anne Arundel Medical Center or Shore Memorial in Easton? I'm torn btw the increased opportunities and probably pay at AAMC and the comfortable feel of Shore. I'd like my next spot to be for 5+ years. Thanks, Jules
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  3. by   MEO82
    I don't have personal experience as I am not a nurse yet...but I do know that Shore Health just became affiliated with the Univ. of Maryland system... one of my part-time office assistants works there as a registration clerk. They are getting across the board raises to get up to the pay levels of other Univ of Maryland system employees.
  4. by   Jules A
    Thank you for your reply. That is great news because I know in general on "this side of the bridge" the pay is generally lower. Thank you, Jules
  5. by   Patti 2nd gen RN
    Used to work at AAMC--VERY VERY legalistic, and long hx of eating it's young---even the doc's call it 'nurse unfriendly'--ex:--when I left, they were madatorily changing people's 12 hour shifts with less than 2 weeks notice--from days to nights and back again--so how do you make appointments for your kids, or childcare, or a sleep scheduele---because of thier nursing management practices, they had a huge turnover in a two year period--and nurses who had worked there for years, left--to commute 30-60 minutes longer to a nurse-friendlier environment---every uncrossed t and undotted i is a write-up--not a teaching moment--there are so many examples of that---some of these things have changed, but talking to old friends, not the mind frame that has birthed them---some of us ex-AAMC nurses have met in the gym, and the grocery, and through Christmas cards--a survey of the people who leave would give a much better representaion of a place than of the people who are still there and worried about politics--
  6. by   Jules A
    Thanks for adding your experience with AAMC. Its a shame because its a beautiful facility. They did seem mighty "unfriendly" to LPNs.
  7. by   Rentalnurse
    i an say amen to Patti , did a contract at AAMC er from aug 07 to 0ct 07 started out well not much orientation to the computer sys even though everything went in it, was contantly wrote up just for asking someone to start an iv at end of shift because she was a hard stick, had doc yell at me and got repremanded by charge for standing up for myself and come to find out the doc even yells at other docs. ususally got 4 rooms in er and saw over 25 patients and a few were CP and went to icu in my 12 hrs. my contract was defaulted with only 2 weeks left stating i didnt do accu checks on a patient with an insulin drip, dont ask me where that patient was because didnt have one like that. now i know why i never worked there when lived in annap. there is more but im over it.. stayed an extra month with family and called my agency in balt and worked per deium and felt appreciated
  8. by   EvelynRN-BSN
    Quote from Jules A
    Thank you for your reply. That is great news because I know in general on "this side of the bridge" the pay is generally lower. Thank you, Jules
    Hey Jules,
    I actually loved it at AAMC. From what I have read it does not sound like others liked it as much. I can only speak for the department in which I worked, ICU. I loved it there. We did self scheduling and we did rotate to nights when needed, but it did not happen that often. And if there is a day that your scheduled and you need a switch, it was not hard to find, majority of the time, they were easy to find. The staff in the ICU were excellent and big team players. Now I cannot say that they were all that way, but 99% of them were. All the ICU intensivists were great, except one, but one day I broke the silence and spoke my views with him and after that he did whatever I needed of him with his patients. I did not experience they Nurse Eating Their Young. But I am not easily intimadated either. And if someone tried to do that with me I would give it right back. You cannot let others control you and make you feel lesser of a nurse. You worked just as hard and you passed the state boards just as they did. Always let that be known. I had to preceptors in the ICU when I first started, one of the older nurses and one of the younger ones. Suprisingly enough, the older one was more laid back and the younger one was more challenging. But they were both great preceptors and I liked to see their different viewpoints on things and the way they provided care. Very different, but good in what they did.

    If you know what unit you want to work in, maybe, ask if about the specific unit to find out. The units are like families and they are all different and same goes for the doctors. Good Luck.