A little advice needed about moving to MD/DC area (jobs, endorsement, etc.).

  1. Hello all.

    I'm from NYC and recently graduated with my BSN in NYC as well. The job market is tough around here and I have my sights set on possibly moving out of state and looking for work elsewhere, more specifically Washington DC, MD, or even VA (near DC). I don't drive (yet) so I would need to work in a place that's accessible with the metro/public transportation.

    A friend of mine has a place I could stay while I get myself settled and I'm thinking this could be a real possibility. Here are my questions.

    Do I have to get endorsed by MD and DC first, before applying for jobs? Do you think employers would mind if I have a NY license while applying and allowing me to get endorsed once I find work? Does that lower my chances?

    How would you say the job market is for a new graduate in the MD/DC area?

    Any pieces of advice for me?

    Thanks you.
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  3. by   bill4745
    You will be much more marketable if you have a license first. That way, an employer can start you quickly if need be. The problem is that you are considering two or three possible licenses, which can get expensive (although MD and VA are in the compact states, so you would only need one license if you lived in one of the states).
    I have heard of many problems over the years with delays in licensing by the MD BON, so allow some time. I live in the NE corner of MD and don't know anything about the job market in the area you are looking in.
  4. by   murkline
    Thank you very much for replying bill. I had a feeling an endorsement would make me more marketable. Thanks for letting me know that MD and VA are compact states, I had no idea. Do I technically have to "live" there for endorsement? The cost for endorsement in DC is quite expensive, its something I have to consider.

    I can only hope the job market in MD/DC/VA is better than the NY metro area because right now, for a new grad, its simply terrible.
  5. by   ucfRN
    You don't have to live there to endorse your license. Just make sure you put your real address on the residency form! And if you are getting an endorsement, go in person if you can.. MBON (Maryland) is not very reliable over the phone! and you can get temporary licenses if you endorse in person!