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I have been a nurse for 7 years and have worked in ICU, CCU and in the PACU in that time. I would like to try out psych nursing because it's something I've always been interested in, and I am also ready for a change. I am wondering if anyone out there that has worked in psych nursing in the Maryland / DC area (I live right outside DC in Maryland) could recommend places to work in the area? (or places that I should stay away from) I am also wondering if I will encounter problems with finding a job since I do not have experience working specifically on a psych unit? Thank you very much!


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I'm in the exact same boat as you, with similar credentials, but only 2.5 yrs as an RN. But i'm in the Southwestern United States. Have submitted a few applications to psych facilities thus far... no bites as of yet, but it's only been about 8 days.


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I worked as a tech at Sheppard Pratt (in Towson, about 20 minutes from Baltimore), which is a pretty well known hospital and has a wide variety of specialties. That said, I know I'll always be able to get a job there due to my previous experience of working there but I found there to be alot of politics and wasn't exactly on board with all of their principles. I'll be working as a new grad on the general psych unit at a different hospital. St. Joseph's has a psych unit and GBMC has a med-psych unit, both of which are also located in Towson. Johns Hopkins Hospital also has I think 9 psychiatric specialty units.

I can't say much for anything else or the DC area.


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Stay away from Union Memorial Hospital-the most disorganized hospital I've been to.

Sibley Hospital, too many Geriatrics as old as 95.

GWU, the pay is $1.50 lower than the average in the area.

You can find out for yourself the rest of these psycho hospitals.

Good luck.

Jules A, MSN

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I'd apply for sure. Most of my fellow nurses have backgrounds similar to yours. I've heard good things and bad things about most places. University of MD, Balto/Washington Hosp and I think Bayview all have psych units. Contrary to the other poster's experience I have heard more good than bad about Union and while Geri-psych can be challenging and isn't my first choice there are many nurses that wouldn't do anything else. Good luck!


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I've heard really bad things about Potomac Ridge Hosp. so I'd stay away from there! I presently work on psych at Montgomery General Hospital(and was a labor and delivery nurse before that!). We do have some problems but all in all it's nice place to work;but they don't pay as well as other area hospitals and we also get our share of the elderly... Interview with the evening/night supervisor, Nancy H. if you should pursue this; she is great! Good Luck!


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Thank you all very much for your replies. I really appreciate your insights.


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I currently work at Springfield Hospital Center in Sykesville, MD and I was hired with no psych experience. I like it there... it's a state facility with awesome benefits. I love the work, the patients... my supervisor. Everything. I'm not sure how far of a drive it would be from the DC area, but it's worth looking into. :)

- Jess

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