Marriage and family therapy experience??


Hi everyone. I'm going to be graduating with my degree in marriage and family therapy in six months. I'm starting to consider becoming an RN because of the high pay let's be honest. I worked as a medical assistant for 9 months almost 7 years ago and was told that I had great bedside manner LOL. I would have went for nursing earlier but I figured I couldn't handle the bed pans. However, two kids later I can definitely hack the bed pans LOL. So now I'm going to be graduating with this wonderful mft degree and I am working as a counselor with emotionally disturbed kids right now so I'm wondering how can I parlay this experience into making me the best candidate I can be from my local RN program? From what I read they require applicants to have a minimum of 400 hours of healthcare experience. Do you think that my counseling experience is going to count? Or can I count my medical assisting experience from 7 years ago? I did shots and took vitals and prepped them to see the doctors and nurses if that helps.

If anyone has any other related advice about therapists going into nursing I would love to hear it thank you.

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Unfortunately, counseling and distant MA experience is not going to count. Do you have the required science coursework completed? Because that is usually the biggest hurdle for folks with non-science degrees who want to transition to nursing.