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Hi all,

So I had searched through any recent threads (within the past year) for any information on how hospitals determine market based wage adjustments for nurses. How do they determine this (what information are they obtaining for their wages), if they plan on adjusting RN wages to bring their existings nursing salaries to the national average? I'm still unclear on all of the details that my particular facility is planning for market adjustments, but I had heard they are looking at the national average for wage adjustments. If a nurse is not within that 50% range, then you can expect for your wages to be increased to be at that 50%. I had looked at but it gives you a salary range for your state. I'm not willing to make accounts for different websites, I just want the same information that a hospital would have to determine their amounts. If anyone has any info or experienced this, would love to hear your 2 cents.


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There is little value in formulating a "national average" when salaries in all fields vary widely based on location. For instance -- my nursing peer in CA makes, literally, $20 more per hour than I do, in the same specialty area, with the same number of years of experience, and the same 36/hr. per week staff RN position. But there is little logic in comparing the two wages when the cost of living in her region and mine are completely different.

Hospitals (and all employers) make periodic market adjustments to their wage structure as necessary to remain competitive to attract quality employees.

It takes a little digging, but there's a lot of good data here:

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Thanks, Altra, I agree that pay differs based on specialty and region. What information I have been provided, is that this facility is adjusting wages based on the nursing national average. I would like to know what information they are pulling their data from.... basically. Do they use independent resources? Obviously there's a wide range of wages..... I have checked out the government sites endlessly.... of course I live near another state that has a much much higher wage for nurses.... of course the cost of living is higher, but many choose to commute. Maybe that is what they might be basing this on... who knows. Thanks for your response.

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