how many letters of recommendation to use?


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Hey =)

I'm graduating from nursing school in June and have started the dreaded hunt for a new grad nursing job! Some of em are pretty dang far away thanks to the 15% unemployement rate in my area.

I have been a CNA for 5 years now, and I have acquired 4 good letters of recs (2 personal from bosses, and two professional on hospital and agency letter head)..but I have no idea which to include?!

i also asked for copies of my final eval's and then scanned it into a pdf file the last two quarters of Final Evaluations I've received from my clinical prof's.

I can make a pdf file with all of the files included and attach it to some jobs (the websites that offer "additional documents") but is that overkill? They all kind of focus on different things.. all good Lol

Is 4 letters + nursing school eval too many??

help? =)


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Most employers who want references specify how many they want -- I would supply the number they ask for (not more). You could say something somewhere on the application or cover letter about how the school evaluation is available if they want to review it, but I wouldn't send it to anyone unsolicited.

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Facilities in my area might let you upload your resume, but specify only Microsoft Word files. Others let you upload your resume (Word) and then their system takes out all your formating and fills some of the application with your resume info. the rest of your resume flows in a box as raw text. The past employment area asks you very specific info with no place to flow a letter: Name/phone/address/work dates/duties/why you left/can we contact... I have seen only one facility that actually asks for 3 references. They do not want you to flow anything, they want to talk to your references personally. I have actual letters from my references in print form.