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does anyone know if manila medical center is hiring nurses right now? thank you. :)


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my teammate who works at MCM said, what they hire are the ones that undergone their training. if you want to have a chance to be hired at medical center manila, you have try undergo their training.


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are we the ones to pay for that training?


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any info regarding their training?

i went there yesterday and the lady there told me that they are on freeze hiring as of the moment. She didn't mention anything bout their training. :)


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I called their office yesterday, they said they will resume accepting applicants for their training program on January. The program lasts 6 months, I just forgot to ask how much it will cost..


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where is that located?? manila Medical Center??


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if it is MCM, its located at UN avenue, mla.


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I happened to be there last week and am not sure if they are hiring ..however, you can still submit your resume together with a copy of your PRC ID and board rating at the HR dept. Put it in either a Long brown envelope or folder then just leave it in a designated file folder box outside the HR office.