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Mane program nhcc, arcc

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Hey everyone! Thought I would make a discussion post to see where everyone is at and for some advice. I just took my teas today and scored a 78% and I have a 3.33 gpa I want to apply for the fall 2018 program... with a composite score of 11.1 so now i'm kind of nervous!!! thoughts? I want to apply at a few different schools like nhcc, arcc, and/or century

I have a 78% teas score and 3.75GPA so composite is 11.55 not sure whether to retake the teas or not. Not sure what the number is for a guarantee! Good luck to you. I'm so nervous, I plan on applying for nhcc and arcc as well. Keep me posted :D

I'm retaking the teas one more time in a week just to see if I can get a better score! Good luck

Mine is 11.9 and still be worried since my advisor at Century College said the average cohort in Spring 2018 was 11.92, the cutting score was 11.46. I hope Fall 2018 does not elevate too much. I don't know about nhcc, arcc but they are kind of similar. For me, waiting is a pain. Pray for all of you

When you say cut off score was 11.46 , does that include the wait list? The wait is almost over!

The cut off score is the score you're definitely in. Waiting list doesn't count.


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