man it seems easier in Maine!


i live in las vegas and attend school out here. ive been thinking about going to a college out there in portland area. man it is a true 4 semester program out there. in vegas at csn, unlv, and nsc it seems tougher. for an associate degree it takes a minimum of 7 semester to grad with a asscoaites if done we need a couple more classes then you guys do! i like how everything it compacted into 4 semester in maine for an associates.


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Here's the link to Southern Maine Community College's general overview of their Nursing Program:

And here's the link to the class list by semester:

The reality is that the wait list is so long that most people take the rest of the academics courses while waiting to get into the NUR classes. The good news is that once you actually start, you only have to focus on those NUR's and the program is very affordable with a high NCLEX pass rate. The downside is that the waiting list is quite long (3 or 4 semesters).

However, this part of Maine is one of the most spectacular places to live. If you have to be on a waiting list, you might as well be someplace beautiful :-)

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