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Hello, everyone!

I'm a first year nursing student, and I'm currently taking a law and ethics class. Our instructor wants us to talk to nurses and find out if they have their own . I'm hoping that some of you will give me a hand with this one (I'll owe you BIG time!).

Why or why do you not carry your own malpractice insurance? Would you recommend that students carry their own? (from the things I'm reading in our text, I'm scared silly about all that can go wrong!)

In addition, are you aware of any website that one can go to and check if a practitioner (not necessarily a nurse--physicians, dentists, etc.) has had any lawsuits? I know about the National Practitioner Data Bank, but that's only for employers and the like--it's not for the general public.

Thanks SO much for your help!


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I work with a nurse who has a $1 million policy. She says that part of why she has it is because in LTC she's got a million CNAs working under her license. And we all know how brilliant some of them are.


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There are several older threads on this post that discuss the pros and cons of individual , that you may want to search and review.


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:o For you own piece mind you have to have your own . If something happens and there is a lawsuit, everyone will be named, and who do you think your employer will be most concerned with??? Not the lowly nurse not matter what they say. You have to protect yourself. I have always carried insurance, it is not that expensive, and it is well worth it. I do not know of any site that lists individuals who have had lawsuits. Some state nursing boards post loss of licenses. Hope this helps


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I have been an RN since 1979. I have never been sued but I have always been covered by my own . Make sure it is coverage that covers you for anything that happened during the time you were insured, not coverage for being sued during the period of being insured. Malpractice actions may be initiated up to 3 yrs after the date of occurence and malpractice lawyers encourage their clients to wait so that you will be hard put to remember details. If you have the second type coverage, you could have changed insurance company in the mean time and find that the current insurer will not cover and neither will the old one.

Malpractice ins generally is cheap enough.

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