What would you in this kind of situation

  1. What would you do as a Charge Nurse on this kind of situation:

    One CNA confronted you saying that the other CNA is not answering call lights, and he/she ends up answering the call-light for him/her. And the worse part is that he/she yells at you for not noticing that. What would you do/say first as a Charge Nurse? What would you do next after that?
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  3. by   juicyjake
    I would just swallow my pride and thank them for doing the job of two people (even if you're not sure of it), and tell them that you will keep an eye on the other aide.
    Tell them that if you notice that trend, you will alert higher management, or maybe even write her up for not answering the lights.

    That's the worst part about being a Charge RN. Dealing with the "he said/ she said".
  4. by   Valerie Salva
    First, I would tell the CNA yelling at me that she is speaking to me in an inappropriate manner, and that it will not be tolerated. Second, I would take some time to observe the CNAs and see who is answering lights and who is not.

    In one situation, I was working with a CNA who I thought was not paying attention to lights, among other things. I saw that she was sitting at the nurse's station eating, and reading a magazine. I went into one of her pt's rooms and turned on the call light. I timed how long it took her to answer. Since she was reading a magazine and not busy, I thought she should answer right away. It took her 15 mins to get up and answer the light. She was surprised to find me in the room. I explained to her that she was taking too long to answer lights.
    She did improve a little bit after that.
  5. by   SteveNNP
    I would do my own investigating, to see why the other CNA isn't answering call bells. Is it because he/she is on their break? Extremely busy? Or just plain slacking off? If I'M the one seeing the actual slacking off, I'll address it. I won't just accept word of mouth before acting. I'll tell the first CNA simply that I'll look into it.
  6. by   Jvm413
    I think I would first show appreciation to the CNA doing the work. Then perhaps I would call a meeting and just see if there are any overall issues amongst the CNAs. Perhaps the one not doing the work will get the hint. Then I would approach that CNA and give him/her the oppurtunity to say what they need to say and follow through.
  7. by   locolorenzo22
    I would have to see if this is an issue with the CNA every shift...or if they are just having an overall "bad night"....are they busy? trying to eat after 8+ hours of 12 cause they finally have a minute...or are they reading/doing busywork/etc instead of trying to help get lights? The other issue is that does the 2nd CNA know what to do with a patient...If I don't have a report, or at least know what said person is there with...I'm not answering the light, cause I don't want to frustrate the patient by saying "oh, let me go find your tech so I know how you go to the bathroom"...
    There may be personal issues there, but commend the first CNA (regardless of the job they are doing), and note that you will pay attention for the rest of the shift....NEVER take the he said/she said at face value....
    Just my .02 cents from a fellow CNA.